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Poll Best Actress Draft - Round 3 (poll 2/2)

1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4 and 5 vs. 6

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Sally Twit
The winners from round 2 will now go head to head in round 3. There was one tie and I chose the winner using 'Random Choice'. Please remember to vote for 1 OR 2, 3 OR 4, etc.

I have used random.org to pair the actresses up. Just like previous rounds, the polls will stay open for a week.

Brittany Murphy vs. Kate Beckinsale
Angelina Jolie vs. Natalie Portman
Geena Davis vs. Emma Stone

Let the voting commence!


I am the woolrus
Brittany Murphy, Natalie Portman and Geena Davis. Pretty easy choices!


Son of Liberty
I haven't voted in any of these but I figured what the hell.

Brittney Murphy, although I love Kate Beckinsale. Murphy was just so versatile I thought. The other two were easy for me. Jolie can't act for shit and Geena Davis is even worse, so I went with Portman and Stone.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I went with Beckinsale, Portman, Davis. Davis and Stone are tied at three at this moment, hopefully someone breaks the tie and votes for Davis.