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Movies Best Actor - Round 3 - Poll 1

Who do you prefer?

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Well, we lost all our actresses that round, but I think Wade picked one in his list to be added later, so not quite out for the ladies.

Robert De Niro vs. Robert Downey Jr.

Edward Norton vs. Will Smith

Michael Caine vs. Tom Hanks

Liam Neeson vs. Leonardo DiCaprio
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Sultan of Swat
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Unfortunately I didn't have time to vote in the second round, but I'll do so in round three.

Robert DeNiro over Robert Downey Jr. I like both actors, but when you have a legend taking on someone that is only starting to make a name for himself, then you have to take DeNiro. He's also had better roles, and was in better movies.

Will Smith over Edward Norton. I loved Norton in Italian Job and other films, but I've been a fan of Will Smith since his first Bad Boy. It's very rare that he makes a bad movie(excep Wild Wild West).

Tom Hanks over Caine. both are tremendous at what they do, but overall Hanks is just better and has produced better movies.

DiCaprio over Neeson. Again, you know how much of a man crush I have on Leonardo DiCaprio, so this isn't even close.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
De Niro - easy pick coz he's a legend and consistently making good movies for decades

Norton - easy pick coz I couldn't find an actor this generation as good as he is, playing serious high-impact character roles impressively

Hanks - this was more difficult choice because I admire Caine's talent, but I had to go eventually with the one with most movies I have enjoyed watching and partly due to his good acting

DiCaprio - I'm really indifferent because I like them maybe same level. They make good movies but I'm not really in awe of their acting (altho they don't act bad, I know they do very well, just that they haven't touched me). I picked someone who shares my DOB. :lol:


De Niro OVER Downey Jr. - This was harder than I thought it'd be when I first saw the match-up. De Niro has been is some great films but over the last decade, Downey Jr. has easily been the better actor. De Niro's early gangster roles got him my vote.

Norton OVER Smith - Norton got my vote. He's just the better overall actor... Smith definitely gets points for entertaining me a ton, I just couldn't give him this all important vote. Plus, he was partly responsible for Wild Wild West & the music video of the same name. Haha.

Caine OVER Hanks - And it was a pretty easy decision, honestly. I've really enjoyed almost everything I've seen him in, he even had a small role in one of my favorite movies, so extra points for him. And sometimes I just wanna punch Hanks in the face. Haha.

DiCaprio OVER Neeson - EASY. A mediocre Star Wars prequel and the awesomeness that is Taken still don't give Neeson much hope of beating the best actor alive.


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Downey Jr, Norton, Caine and Di Caprio were my choices. Talk about a tough match up for Neeson.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
These were tough match ups but my choices were made pretty easily...

De Niro over Downey Jr
Smith over Norton
Hanks over Caine
Leo over Neeson