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Movies Best Actor - Round 2 - Poll 1

Who do you prefer?

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Well-Known Member
Some surprise and interesting knock-outs in Round 1 that's for sure. Anyway, time for round 2. First up we have:

Jack Nicholson vs Jeff Bridges

Humphrey Bogart vs Dustin Hoffman

Edward Norton vs Russel Crowe

Liam Neeson vs Jodie Foster


Creeping On You
Jack Nicholson vs Jeff Bridges - Jack Nicholson of course. Bridges is badass sometimes, but Nicholson is classic.

Humphrey Bogart vs Dustin Hoffman - I chose Hoffman because I've never seen Bogart's stuff.

Edward Norton vs Russel Crowe - I chose Crowe, because I don't know who Edward Norton is.

Liam Neeson vs Jodie Foster - Liam Neeson, only because he was amazing in Taken (now that i have a face to his name lol)


Nicholson OVER Bridges - This was a no-brainer. Nicholson's roles in The Departed & One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest beats Bridges' entire career for me.

Hoffman OVER Bogart - Hoffman has had a couple of roles I really enjoyed. I can't say I've seen a single film from the other dude. Haha.

Crowe OVER Norton - This was tough. I ended up going with a semi-upset pick with Crowe. LA Confidential, 3:10 to Yuma & American Gangster gave him the slight edge for me.

Neeson OVER Foster - Another easy one for me. Neeson was awesome in Taken and I also enjoyed him in Chloe & The A-Team.


Sally Twit
Jack Nicholson vs Jeff Bridges - Jack Nicoholson is one of the best actors in the world. His character in 'The Shining' and his character in 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' could not have been done as good by anyone else.

Humphrey Bogart vs Dustin Hoffman
- Dustin Hoffman for his performance in 'Rain Man' alone. It is one of my favourite films and he did a superb job.

Edward Norton vs Russel Crowe
- I can't stand Crowe to be honest. I don't think he's that great. Norton has played a lot of great roles.

Liam Neeson vs Jodie Foster
- Jodie Foster because I had to Google the other guy again.


For a Free Scotland
Bridges OVER Nicholson- Nicholson is simply overrated. The Shining is a classic example of overracting to ruin suspense. Bridges plays badasses well, and he's experienced a late renaissance.

Bogart OVER Hoffman- Hoffman's been in some very good cinema. Bogart's been in Casablanca. Case closed.

Norton OVER Crowe- Close one. Crowe had good roles in A Beautiful Mind and other films. However, I liked Norton in Larry Flynt, Rounders, The Illusionist, and Kingdom of Heaven. He hasn't made a bad film that I've seen.

Neeson OVER Foster- My badass rule- in a tie, the badass wins.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Five of my picks are here fighting each other...ack! I went with Bridges, Hoffman, Norton and Foster.


Haters gonna hate.
Bridges, Bogart, Crowe and Foster.

Those four have been parts of some of my favorite films ever. Big Lebowski, Casablanca, Gladiator and Silence of the Lambs.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
These were pretty easy choices for me...

Nicholson over Bridges
Hoffman over Bogart
Norton over Crowe
Neeson over Foster


Well-Known Member
Pretty easy ones in this thread. Nicholson, Hoffman, Norton and Neeson.

The first two I went with because the two they're up against I haven't really heard of. I like Crowe, but I love Norton so easy choice there. And Neeson is badass...