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Movies Best Actor - Round 1 - Poll 5

Who do you prefer? 1 vs 2. 3 vs 4. 5 vs 6. 7 vs 8. 9 vs 10

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The time has come for everyone to vote for who they think is the best actor. All actors in this poll were chosen from the Favourite Actors Draft so no bitching and moaning at me. As Wade won the draft, the 8 actors he picked will be entered in at a later stage. All actors were matched together randomly using Random.org List Generator.

Jodie Foster vs. Adam Sandler

Jeff Bridges vs. Audrey Hepburn

Paul Newman vs. Michael Caine

Tom Cruise vs. Gary Oldman

Meryl Streep vs. Dan Ackroyd


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Sandler over Foster. I was never Gaga over Foster actually, I think she's a good actress, but I can get bored of her really easily. Sandler has always been so funny to me. Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison are my two favorite from him.

I hate Bridges, and Hepburn is one of the best female actresses of all-time. She was just meant for the big screen. She knew how to catch an audience. Bridges is one of the most overrated actors today.

Newman vs. Caine. Caine is a great actor, not a lot of people know of his old movies, but I suggest you to watch them. That being said, Newman was great in everything he was in. The guy had the look, the charm. He had it all to be a successful actor, which he was.

Tom Cruise is my boy, so he definitely gets my vote in the next match-up. I know many people here at GF cannot stand the guy, but he's been in so many great movies; Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Rain Man, The Outsiders, ect. The list goes on and on.

The last match-up not because I enjoy both of these actors, personally I can't stand either of them. But in the end I went with Ackroyd because of Ghostbusters.


Creeping On You
Jodie Foster vs. Adam Sandler - I went with Sandler, because I like his humour. Some of his shit is shit, but I think he's a pretty solid actor.

Jeff Bridges vs. Audrey Hepburn - Jeff Bridges is a kickass older guy actor, who plays some kickass roles.

Paul Newman vs. Michael Caine - Micheal Cane is Austin Powers Dad. Nuff sed

Tom Cruise vs. Gary Oldman - I picked tommy because I don't know who gary is.

Meryl Streep vs. Dan Ackroyd - Dan Akroyd, because honestly, the guy is another comedy genius.


I'm glad to see Sandler losing. I want that asshole out in the first round! Haha. But honestly, Foster is ehhh to me too.


Sally Twit
Jodie Foster vs. Adam Sandler - Jodie is the better actor/actress because Adam is only good in comedy roles. I do like him and I think he is funny but Jodie has more about her.

Jeff Bridges vs. Audrey Hepburn
- I don't know who Jeff Bridges is and Audrey Hepburn was an extremely talented lady. Not everyone might have seen her films, but I don't think there's many people who haven't heard the name.

Paul Newman vs. Michael Caine
- Michael Caine because he just seems to pop up in so many great films. I love that he gets to keep that great accent of his and I love how just seeing him makes me smile. He's one of those actors I'll never get tired of seeing.

Tom Cruise vs. Gary Oldman
- Gary Oldman was on my original list because of how talented he is. I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan so it was easy.
Gary Oldman is awesome at playing bad guys and lots of films I like have to have bad guys! I can just tell that he really loves what he does and really gets in to the character he is playing.

Meryl Streep vs. Dan Ackroyd
- Ackroyd because I really don't care for Meryl Streep. I liked her in one film and that's it. Dan Ackroyd is good in comedy roles. He was a great Ghostbuster and always gave me a chuckle.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I wasn't able to vote in the first round. The only result I'm surprised here is Ackroyd beating Streep. Like wow. :)