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Movies Best Actor - FINAL!

Who do you prefer?

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The final in the best actor competition is upon us! And the final match up is:

Morgan Freeman vs. Tom Hanks


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I voted for Morgan Freeman, I should've probably went with Tom Hanks.. honestly, I would've had Denzel or Samuel L. Jackson here and maybe John Travolta, but hey.. I didn't vote in any of the other ones.

I like Morgan Freeman, but Tom Hanks has had some great movies that could set him over the top. The Green Mile was one of the best movies ever.


Haters gonna hate.
Tom Hanks. EASILY.

Yes, Morgan Freeman is great and all, but Tom has had a more critically acclaimed career. Freeman has also had very few front and center big time starring roles, while Hanks has headlined many more films than I can count on my fingers and toes.


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Tom Hanks can do anything from Comedy, to Drama, to action, even to children's movies (Toy Story). Not only does he do it but he does it well, extremely well.

I vote Tom Hanks even though I love Morgan Freeman too.


Better Call Saul
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These are two of my all-time favorites so I'd be cool with whomever won but I have to go with Morgan Freeman as my vote here.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I'm glad the two I picked end up finalists. It's a difficult choice but I'm going to pick Morgan Freeman. If you've watched several of the movies he made, you'd know he can also play a variety of roles. I just don't think he played a kid/childish or a lover leading man. :lol: I still respect his acting more.

Like I said in the semi-finals thread:
Freeman played (among others) a redeemed convict (Shawshank), a chauffer (Driving Miss Daisy), detective of serial murders (Se7en), Dr Alex Cross (psychologist detective in 2 different movies), CEO of Wayne (aka batman) Enterprises, etc. Or just this: He was Mandela and he was God. Can't beat that. LOL
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Sultan of Swat
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I went with Tom Hanks over Morgan Freeman. I just believe he's more diverse and has made better overall films in my opinion.

Definitely not the two I wanted to see in the finals, but they're both fantastic at there jobs.


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I went with Morgan Freeman over Tom Hanks. I just enjoy more roles that he has been in.


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Having voted and seeing that Tom Hanks is leading the ranks, I am shocked as Morgan Freeman shits all over Tom Hanks.


Living in Ikoria
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Both are personal favorites of mine, but I went with Tom Hanks. I'm a little surprised - because Freeman is in my favorite movie of all time - but I had the same reasoning as BR...I just feel that Hanks has a wider range regarding the diversity of his roles/characters.