Best Acapella You"ll Ever Hear


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I really liked that first, one, I actually can't stand the song but the actual performance itself was great.

However, while calling this acapella it's important to take into account that they obviously were using headphones with a part (or the whole song, I don't know) playing into their ears, it's significantly easier not only to stay on perfect pitch but also perfect rhythm, I think that the most skillful type of acapella is groups singing live in just one cut.

YouTube - Take 6 - Star-Spangled Banner

or this one...

YouTube - Celtic Thunder - Danny Boy
The earpieces they wear are monitors speakers not the song.

Not to say that those other 2 above aren't amazing. But I'll bet it's a lot harder to do it live (I know somebody that does both).

On that first one I think that it's amazing to make your voice sound that much like an electric guitar, I'd swear it's a real one.


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I really like Celtic Thunder. They've got quite a few songs where they drop all equipment and just sing like in this one. Big time Talents.

lol this one reminded me of Chaos for some reason :hah:

YouTube - The Vocal People

Theres a cool Michael Jackson part at 1:57


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Sorry to bump this thread, but I just learned yesterday that one of my good friends went to Engineering School with this guy and became real good friends with him. Supposedly he's a really nice guy and he's Engineer genuis. He's one of the biggest Music guys in Canada right now, and he's currently working with Timberland.