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Politics Bernie Sanders Suspends Presidential Campaign


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Trailing by about 300 delegates, he's decided to call it quits.

What I find strange about this is that he's choosing to remain in the races despite suspending his campaign. He's not turning over delegates (as many candidates would), he's not endorsing Biden, and he said he's hoping people still vote for him so he can get MORE delegates so he can go into the convention strong and use the delegates to strongly influence the party platform and policy.

Looks like we aren't done with this crazy Marxist just yet.


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He just endorsed Biden, also.

This is a move that only stands to divide Democrats. A lot of Bernie voters are now going to vote third party and pull a ton of votes away from the Dem. candidate.


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Bernie never stood a chance in 2016 and in 2020 for one key reason - he's anti-establishment.

Bernie is not the correct "type" of democrat that the DNC wants. He's essentially "too" left for them. What the DNC has on their hands now, is convincing the vast amount of Bernie voters to vote for the democratic version of Trump: a senile, aging, corporately corrupt sexual predator.

To be honest, it really baffles me how Uncle Touchy got the nod. As in, it actually confuses me almost to the point of physical pain. The DNC clearly does not understand its voter base if they think that Sleepy Joe is going to be able to topple Orange Man. I also honestly do not feel anywhere near the same kind of support for Biden around me as I felt with Hillary. But in 2016, the DNC decided they were going to win regardless of anything Trump did and ... well, we know the rest.

So that's my takeaway. It's sad that people continue to cheer for candidates that don't give a fuck about them and push away those who are at least believable when they say they want what is best for America's citizens. Yeah, they may not have the viewpoints that we like, but it's still a shame that people are still voting for what is best for American corporations and not their fellow people.


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@Merc, it’s actually quite common for incumbents to win. I wonder if would-be candidates sometimes consider waiting until a full election year for a better chance at winning vs. risking having to recover from a defeat. My hunch is there are more charismatic democrats who opted to sit this one out and hold out for a fresh start on both sides in 2024. Maybe not on a mass level, but I’m sure this is taken into consideration at some level. On top of that, if you don’t have an excited base, things get tricky. Look at McCain and Romney’s campaigns as examples of this.