Bernanke on 60 Minutes


Son of Liberty
Federal Reserve Board Chairman talks to CBS about the recession in the first TV interview given by a Fed chairman since Alan Greenspan's 1987 appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press." Bernanke says the economy could stop declining this year and that AIG's behavior leading up to the crisis made him angry.

YouTube - Bernanke 1/3: Bernanke had freedom to act, didn't need permission from Congress or president!

YouTube - Bernanke 2/3: Federal Reserve is the life blood of the banking system!

YouTube - Bernanke 3/3: We had a regulatory system that was like a sandcastle on the beac!

I had trouble finding a full length uncut version, so I apologize for it being clustered like that.

Any thoughts on the idea of purposely creating inflation in order to snap the recession? My Econ instructor is for this, saying "That was one of the problems with the great depression, they were so afraid of inflation that money just wasnt being made available".