Bermuda Triangle

Do you guys really think that the Bermuda Triangle is real and that the stuff that they say happens there really does happen? I would love to find this out, but I am too afraid that it might just be real.


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I've heard it's related to that exact position on the earth in regards to gravitational pull of the moon, earth, equator, blah blah. There are a lot of theories but it DOES seem that there have been a LOT of ships and planes to go down around there without explanation. Compasses don't work right due to the magnetic interference of some sort.

Interestingly enough on the exact opposite diameter of the earth there is another "triangle" called the "Dragon's Triangle where similar unexplained disappearances happen.

The Dragon's Triangle


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I think that some of the theories that they have for the triangle are true. Many of them I think are just science fiction unless they can actually prove them.


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I think the bermuda triangle is real, but not like what peole say.
I think that it's a warped space continoum where if you go in you end up in another dimention!:D
I never knew there was another one I was reading that article and that is pretty interesting. Maybe we will have to get someone to go and check it out. Any Volunteers?