Berlusconi says he world's most popular leader


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First thing I thought as well was that I've never even heard of him before.

SO yeah, REALLY popular. Right.


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Thats funny and you know I can beleive he said it. I have heard of him he is the Italian premiere and this type of talk is typical from him. He is a bit of a "player" a dandy, look at his hair, 72 year olds dont have hair like that. He would be more at home as a media magnate than a politician. He is a bit of a clown and when you hear his name you expect a gaff to follow. I dont know how he has lasted so long in power but then Italian politics are a very unsual game.

Do you know what he said of Obama? "he has a nice even tan"


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He's Italian, what do you expect?

He's got an ego the size of his country; he thinks he's a superstar and he wishes to be treated as one, particularly by the opposite gender. Whether he's popular, I don't know, guess the number says he is.

I think in our protestant countries we are more inclined to criticize leaders and give them a lot of shit they don't always deserve. We are real naggers when it comes to politics.. or anything really. :stare:

p.s. the most popular leader is Kim Jong-Il :covereyes:


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I was thinking, "who? ... and what?" until I read the article, and found out he's only saying he's got a higher approval rating than other leaders.


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I've heard of him before, Italian president or something..I remember when he said that Obama has a nice tan..that's the first time I've heard of him.