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Berlin Wall


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Hi guys, I'm reading The Fall of the Berlin Wall by William F Buckley Jr and I just thought I'd ask what people remember of the Berlin Wall and its fall...as I was too young to remember much about it.

Would be interesting to get people from Europe and the States views'!


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I remember watching the fall of the wall on the news, I was old enough(9yrs) to understand what was happening but did not really understand the complexity of the situation. My knowledge on the history of the wall was limited to the basics of European history and I did not really understand the significance of it until a few years later.

From the events unfolding on the television it was clear that what was happening was momentous and an event to be remembered and hopefully never repeated, along with the jubilation and celebration there was this underlying feeling of shame that we had allowed for the wall to exist at all.

If I were to list the most significant events in my life-time, the fall of the Berlin wall is undoubtedly at the top of that list. The events did not just remodel Eastern Europe but they had a resounding effect on the West.


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I was 9 years old too and in the middle of it: I grew up in the "isle" of West Berlin. With my parents, I went to the Wall near Brandenburg Gate the day after it was opened. I still remember all the people hammering down the Wall with hammers and chisels. Everybody was celebrating and you could see these funny cars from the East ("Trabi") all over the city.

Because everybody was celebrating and the news covering the whole thing extensively for days, I realized something huge was going on. I didn't understand the details, but that it was huge was obvious.

A friend of my grandmother used to live in East Germany, a nice old lady who had been babysitter for my father when he was a kid, and sometimes she would visit my family. Before the Wall fell, that was very difficult for her, many controls at the borders, waiting weeks for a permission and so on. She used to tell me about that, also that so many things cannot be bought "over there". The gifts she brought for me were very different indeed -- things you could not buy here, and which looked cheaper. So when the Wall fell, it meant for me "she now can visit us easily".


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wow they are some amazing memories. Its incredible what memories we save really vividly. I was 10 when Princess Diana died and I can remember that really clearly. Even down to where I was when I first heard the news etc.

Memory is a pretty fascinating thing!


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I was living in germany at the time, in Dusseldorf. Remeber going to school and they had set up all these makeshift camps allong the main road for all the east germans flooding across. Remeber the tiny little cars they came in blocking the streets everywhrre. I remeber i didnt like it very much, but they must have been estatic to be free at last....