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Was a waste of $$$ and 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back!

This movie bit the high hard one...........



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You can't be serious?!?! ALthough I had no intention of watching the movie, it seems really well made and the animations/3-d effects looks out of this world, Did it show anything from the book?



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I saw the first half of it because I got to the theater early. =/ Now I want to know how it ends.

The commercials looked so real. I honestly didn't know it was completely animated.


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Cons he's allowed to criticize a movie, he's not flaming anyone or anything. Anyways back to the topic, when I saw the previews I was like this is going to be a boring movie, and so far I haven't heard anything positive to change my mind. I ain't spending money to see this movie, that's for sure.


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My friend saw it and said it was good. I haven't seen it yet and the preview only looked so-so. I will probably go see it in the $1.50 theater. For some reason the trailer makes me want to play Diablo II lol.


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ZOMG! graphically animated angelina TITS! XD thats y half the men go to see it.
Pretty much the only reason why I want to see it... lol

But yeah, it looks good. I really want to see it, but I don't know if any of my friends want to. I'll have to ask them...


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The Quenn/princess (I don't remember which) looked like a man when I first saw her.

But for the first 30 or so minutes I was so confused because it started out with people drinking and singing in the hall, and all of a sudden a screaming monster pops in and starts killing everybody. For the next 10 or so minutes, there was seizure inducing lights and screaming...and all of a sudden he disappears into a cave...:confused: