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BENQ Monitors


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I currently have a 19" BENQ monitor which I pretty much bought because it was a steal at the price when I wanted to move to a flat panel. When I bought it, almost no one had even heard of the brand.

I'm actually pretty happy with it because I don't do a lot of graphics work usually so that one little pixel that burned out about 6 months ago doesn't give me a pain in the neck :)

Now that they've been around a couple of years, I'm wondering if anyone has any opinion on their longevity and just, in general, how the monitors are holding up. Anyone else use this brand?

In the past I've used anything from no name to Acer to Dell to you-name-it. This was just a price decision but it's served my needs well. Just don't know if I got lucky or if the brand has established itself on the market.


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Staff member
I used to work for a place that sold them. I didn't hear any complaints, so they are probably decent. As for the burnt out pixel, that's normal with any LCD monitor. I have a 24" Wide Samsung and it has about 8 dead pixels on it. I almost NEVER notice them though.

Actually I have a two year replacement plan, so if too many more go out I will get a new monitor. I'd definitely recommend getting the replacement plan on any LCD monitor since chances are you will end up eligible to use it eventually.


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I don't think there was a replacement plan offered to me. Probably why it was so cheap. I got an all-in-one inkjet printer for $45 with cartridges included in it from the same place (a famous name) since it was refurbished. I wasn't sure I wanted to buy a refurbished inkjet, but I needed one right away so I gave it a shot. Still working great 2 years later. The monitor was not refurbished - it was brand spanking new.

I'll have to keep that in mind next time I'm upgrading monitors. Next one will be larger I'm sure but probably still LCD, so thanks for the advice.

So you can get a new monitor in the first 2 years if there are too many burned out pixels? Is that limited to one replacement or could you get another in the first 2 years of that replacement monitor? I know that's unlikely, but thought I'd ask ;) ... always looking for a bargain.