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Benefits help required


Registered Member
I really hope someone can help as I am at a loss and almost having a breakdown.

My mom has never worked in her life really, she has been married to my father (who passed away totally unexpectedly coming up for almost a year now) all her life.

My father was always, unfortunately, on benefits as he was disabled, has a council house etc... etc... and got income support and whatever other benefits.

As my mom is still very depressed and "spacey", cannot focus or anything and has a couple of medical issues (liver problems and now depression), the government has said that she should be working.

She has appealed this, and is waiting for the appeal date, sometime in the beginning of the new year.

Thing is, she can't work really, and also I have a sister who goes to school and she lives with my mom.

Now, I dont know what to do here and to make sure that she will be ok, that she has money to pay the bills etc...

The council say that if she works, she will have to pay some part of the rent, and the council will pay the rest.

I know she is not capable of working due to the circumstances, and her health is affected too.

What can be done here so that she can receive as many benefits as possible or get them to recognise that she cannot work and is "off sick"?

She lives in Scotland, so im guessing the rules differ than England.
Any advice is really, much appreciated. I just dont know what to do. I do save some money aside from the work I do for her but it certainly wont be enough for her, and for me.

Please, help. I've been running back and forth to make sure she is ok etc... and i worry about this and many other things. I do not know where to go and hope someone can help here.


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Thanks bananas

my mom did just that, which is how she was able to "appeal" and they helped her get the process started.
but what about thereafter? What if they decline the appeal? What else can I do?