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Discuss Bells and Whistles


Sally Twit
This phrase has been said on GF a lot lately, and I have stolen it for the purpose of this thread.

I was in Asda with my boyfriend buying a new kettle, as the old one is all manky inside. Anyway, I was browsing the aisle and spotted the cheapest one there which was £5. My boyfriend saw one that lights up, but was £12. He was all excited, "Wow, guess what this one does?!" to which I replied, "Does it boil water?"
As he is the only one to have hot drinks, we went with the more expensive option. I didn't argue it with him as he genuinely seemed to love it lol. With that said, I did force him to pay for it as I would never pay £12 for something like that, unless it was the only kettle in the shop and we had no alternative option.

Do you usually go for the cheaper options in those types of scenarios, or do you like to have a fancy-looking appliance?


yellow 4!
I figure if it's going to make me that little bit happier then I might as well spend the extra. Staring at money itself doesn't make me happy in any way, shape, or form.... but things that it can buy do, so why not. If it's not a ridiculous price, that is.

I'm good at saving where I need to, but otherwise, I'm not scared to spend more if I think it's worth it.


It's not me, it's you.
In that instance I don't think it would. What type of functionality does lighting up provide? If I would actually use the bells and whistles, then yes, I would definitely spend the extra money. However, if it's an extra feature that doesn't interest me or I wouldn't use, then I would go for the cheaper option. I often buy off brand things just because it's just as good as the original, but for a much less price tag. For example, I was pricing George Foreman grills, and the one I wanted with removable plates was around $70. Hamilton Beach had almost exactly the same thing for $30, so I went with the cheaper one. I don't like paying for a name.


Fancy, for sure. When I lived at home we had a really fancy kettle. You could set the temperature degree on it, and it had different settings for different types of tea's and could do all sorts of awesome stuff. Now living in my own apartment my roommate and I have a really cheap one and hot water actually spurts out of it while it's boiling, it freaks me out. I find that a lot of time, especially when it comes to electronics and appliances more money does equal a better product. One that is more functional and will last longer.

In a lot of other shopping situations though I will always go for cheaper options.


Registered Member
If it doesn't provide extra functionality, I probably won't buy it. There are occasional exceptions, but they're pretty rare, and I basically never spend much on aesthetics. That said, if I were buying for someone I cared about, depending on their personality I might be willing to splurge a bit (although probably not with something like that)
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A kettle for 5 pound? Well, I'll be damned!

I think it's always nice to have bells and whistles as you say because you wouldn't want to appear all bland and boring to others. Just my view on it. We have a kettle that lights up, you can set the temperature on it and all.


Certified Shitlord
If the functionality is worth it, sure but usually I'm looking for durability. I want my money to go a long ways. I don't want to have to keep replacing appliances simply because I didn't want to spend an extra ten bucks last time because guess what? Now it's going to cost me more to keep replacing them.


Creeping On You
It really depends on the function of the bells and whistles. If they're just for convenience sakes and doesn't neccesarily reduce my useability of the item if they aren't there, I'll go for the cheaper one.

However, if the bells and whistles look fun, unique and shiny, I definitely pay a little more lol.


Free Spirit
Staff member
If the cheaper one is well made and will do the job that I am wanting I will go with cheaper. I'm not one to buy features that I will never use.


I love me some bells & whistles. But it all depends on how much more it costs than the regular one. If it's a substantial amount, I'll just settle on the plain one.