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    Alright this is not a bashing thread so don't worry. I just have to point something out and I want people's opinion on this. Belichick is one of the best coaches in the NFL if not the best, he's a great mastermind when it comes to coaching, but I have one thing to say that's negative about him.

    As you already know by now the Patriots always seem to win by 20+ points, but what I don't understand is why Brady is still in the game when they're up by so many points with less then five minutes left in the game. Let's say that Brady gets injured on a play and he's out for the rest of the year, that's going to make Belichick look like the dumbest coach in the league, leaving is quarterback when there up by so many points with so little time left on the clock. I don't care if they want to score points when there's not a lot time left, it's just a risk to leave your quarterback in there during that time of the game.

    The Patriots already clinched a playoff spot, their goal is not to embarass teams(well it shouldn't be) it's to win the Super Bowl, and personally they won't be able to win it without Brady.

    Do you guys agree with me?

  2. pro2A

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    Agreed. I've actually been wondering that myself.
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    I've been thinking the same thing all year. Unlike college football, style points don't matter at all in the NFL, so I really don't understand why they play their starters so deep into the game with a huge lead. I'm sure they're just trying to break records, which shows how big of a douchebag Belichick is.
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    I'm assuming you ignored the "no bashing" clause at the beginning so just to remind you, it was the first sentence in the thread.

    Cry somewhere else.


    I don't want to see Brady get injured either, but Brady is a guy who wants to be in there until the end. Belichick may be the coach and have final say, but if Brady wants to play, that's his decision. Brady is just like many other players, he plays best while he's on fire, making him sit out will just extinguish it.
  5. Major

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    Right. :rolleyes:
    I don't blame the players for wanting to play. It's their job. But it's the coach's job to decide when to call off the dogs and remove the starters. Not only is he risking his players' health, but it's also disrespectful to the other team. Sure, the other team is at fault for getting taken behind the woodshed, but playing your starters in the 4th quarter so you can run up the score is completely classless. I never want to see players get injured, but I sure as hell wouldn't feel bad for the Patriots if they lost a few key players in the last couple games.
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    They don't put in players just to "run up the score" they keep their guys in so the momentum stays with them. Sitting guys halfway through the game just because the other team is getting anally serviced is not a good enough reason.

    Since when is there a mercy rule in football? Besides, they risk losing the lead, even if they have a large one, by removing their big players.

    People just don't like the Patriots right now because they're that damn good. People always hate the really good teams. I'm a Red Sox fan and I can say that the Yankees (during their prime years) were probably hated more for the fact that they were usually so much better than the Sox. It's the same idea with the Pats. I've been a Pats fan for almost a decade now, so I was a fan when they sucked. I saw them replace Bledsoe with Brady against the Steelers so I'm enjoying my team's success.
  7. Major

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    Please, dude. The backups are not going to blow a 30 point lead in one quarter.
    That is why most people hate them, but there are more reasons than just that.

    There's the whole videotape scandal thing.

    They run up the score. Deny it all you want, but playing your starters in the 4th quarter of a blowout is not only stupid due to the risk of injury, but it's all classless.

    Some of their players are easy to hate. Rodney Harrison is a dirty player is was taking HGH. Randy Moss, uh, yeah.

    All the calls go in their favor.
  8. Merc

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    It's not always a 30 point lead, now is it?

    It also fuels bias against them.

    Please don't try this. It's obviously not a big deal because ever since "Videogate" or whatever cutesy name the media gave it, they've been ravaging opponents. Besides, I can guarantee a lot of teams have ways of gaining an edge that are similar or worse, the Patriots just got caught. Does it make it right that they're not the only ones? No, but people make the Pats out to be the only team doing it.

    Want a tissue?

    Seriously, you must be ignoring what I've been saying. The Patriots are out to make a statement and they do it quite often. They're a tough team that takes that risk of playing players late so they can scare other teams and keep their own morale high. Look how hyped up Patriots games are because of how they play. You don't think that fools with the opposing team's minds or concentration knowing they're playing a team that doesn't fold after the third quarter, that they play on until the clock strikes zero? That sort of gameplay intimidates other teams and that's a good thing for the Patriots players! It's an edge through morale.

    And what is this classless bullshit? Aww, poor football teams, getting their asses handed to them. Give me a damned break. You know what's classless?

    The Ravens and that little baby who threw the penalty flag. Their whole team played like thugs and acted all innocent when they got penalties.

    I've got a second tissue if you want it.

    Wow. One player who cheats (of course, he's the only one in the NFL, right?) and another one people are jealous of. Every team has "hateable" players. This argument fails on multiple levels.

    Easily the biggest cop out argument in every sport.

    *Comment ignored*
  9. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    38-0 against the Redskins at the start of the 4th quarter. Not only are Tom Brady and the rest of the starters still in the game, the offense actually came out throwing the ball. Pure class.
    Yep, no bias on your part, you being a Patriots fan and all. :rolleyes:
    Yeah, getting caught cheating is no big deal since everyone is doing it. No big deal that Barry Bonds used steroids, everyone was doing it. I don't care if they've been destroying their opponents after getting caught. It shows what kind of team they are that they were breaking the rules in the first place.
    How old are you? 12? You can't have a little debate without throwing childish comments in there?
    Your team gets challenged and you say the other team played like thugs? The 4-9 Ravens flat outplayed the Patriots. If not for a couple lucky breaks on the game-winning drive, and a whole shitload of questionable calls, the Ravens would have won. One Ravens player acted like a baby, and he was fined for it.
    I guess cheating is the right thing to do now. What a great guy he is. And Randy Moss, if you think people hate him because he's Talk about a thug.
  10. Merc

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    As opposed to:

    "Aww, we're so sorry we're raping you, here's our second string players, hopefully you'll stand a chance against them because our good players want to rest."

    Yeah, that's a lot more polite.



    Did you even read my quote? I said that it doesn't make it right, what I said is that the media makes it out to look like the Patriots are the only team cheating. Do you know how many teams have gotten caught for cheating and how many would?

    This is funny coming from someone who used a smiley face to enhance his sarcasm. I think I'll just ignore this comment seeing as it's hypocritical.

    They played dirty, they drove themselves into the ground with blatant penalties. They had poor communication and they couldn't stop the drive. My friend said it best and I agree, the Patriots didn't win, the Ravens lost the game, they got on their knees and proceeded to lose the game.

    Once again, cute coming from the same guy who just made a comment about me making childish ones.

    So because I stated the fact that every team has players everyone hates and that every team have roid abusers, I'm condoning cheating? How the hell do you process these thoughts of yours?

    Learn how to have a discussion without tripping over your own advice before you respond again.

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