Belguims 'joker killer', Kim De Gelder admits guilt

The 20 year Goth loner with a film obsession has broken his silence and hunger strike to talk to his lawyer Jaak Haentjes."He understands that he did something inhuman. I think that he feels regrets. That's what he says but it would be going too far to say that he repents," said Mr Haentjes.

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"The reason why he chose babies in a creche as victims is still an enigma. I want to know why he did that. He too, he is ready to help in that sense."
Mr Haentjes has also revealed that Mr De Gelder's parents had wanted to confine him in an institution for the mentally ill.
But the attempt failed because their son was already undergoing treatment for depression and the medical authorities ruled out any need for residential care.
"At 15 or 16 years old he had a serious depression and adopted strange behaviour. When he was 18 years old, his parents wanted him interned," said the lawyer.
"Kim heard the voices in its head at that time. He has not said yet if he heard such voices at the time of the killings."
State prosecutors have ruled out as a "false lead" suggestions that Mr De Gelder's attack was linked to the first anniversary of the death of Heath Ledger, the Australian actor who played the Joker in Batman, The Dark Knight.
But investigators, or Mr De Gelder's lawyer, have so far failed to find out why he had dyed his hair red, wore white face paint and blackened his eyes to carry out the attack.
Former classmates of the unemployed suspect have continued to describe his obsession with horror movies, which he would describe to fellow students accompanied with "strange laughter".
Mr De Gelder appeared on Tuesday in a closed court session where murder charges were confirmed for the killing of Corneel Vermeir, aged six months, Leon Garcia, nine months, and their carer Marita Blindeman, 54.
Dunno if this was already posted the last few months but wow...I loled at the "he had dyed his hair red, wore white face paint and blackened his eyes to carry out the attack."
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Wow. I read the other link in the article where it described what the dude did and how he got to his victims. That's just really awful. I'm glad the day care people were able to call for help. On the lighter side, the photo in that article reminded me of Hybrix. :lol:


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It takes a lot to sicken me, but reading that article you linked to, ysabel, I literally felt repulsed. Seriously, I feel like I'm sort of in shock right now.