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    cockroaches can survive in outer space for up to 30 days

    the british monarchy own the copyright to the american national anthem

    the grounds of the whitehouse has a ufo landing strip

    in the u.k you can still be publically flogged for stealing livestock

    sabre tooth tigers were around in roman times, they were driven to extinction from fights with gladiators

    despite the rumour about eskimos having many words for snow, they actually have more words to describe the sun than they have to descibe snow

    world war 2 is not offically over, germany never signed a peace treaty with russia

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    Doubt it.

    This is totally wrong. Copyright protection outside the USA is determined by the laws of the country where you wish to use a work. Copyright protection may be 95 years from publication date, 50 to 70 years after the death of the last surviving author, or other criteria depending on where the work was first published and how the work is to be used.


    The flogging thing is probably true. There's a lot of archaic laws and I don't feel like researching that one.

    They went extinct 10,000 years ago. The Roman empire was founded just before the 1st century and lasted until 450/1400ish AD (Roman empire/Byzantine empire)

    Yeah? So how does that prove they don't have a lot of words for snow. I have a feeling this statement was copied out of context.

    World War 2 ended in Europe when Germany surrendered to the Allies. Guess who was part of the Allies? That's right, the Soviet Union. Germany didn't have to sign a peace treaty because they officially surrendered to the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front on May 8th, 1945.

    (sad that the only part of the WW2 deal I had to look up was the date)
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    Believe it or not, the word believe only has three e's in it.
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    I still wish we could neg newbies.
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    Thank you! That was bugging me all day. I wanted to point that out too, but I was afraid I might come off as a dick :lol:
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    I stopped caring a long time ago whether I come off as a dick, when it comes to spelling and grammar anyway. :D
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    I before E, except after COCK.

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