Being seen naked outside your window


I was getting undressed and I forgot my window was open while the other neighbors who live in front of me, could totally see me naked.
I'm not sure if anyone saw me or not, but that's not the first time this happens.
I'm sure if I were a celebrity, I'd be (shamefully) on the front page of every magazine!


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Haha poor Elly! Remind me to move in next door...

Well as far as the topic, if I were more in shape it would probably be somewhat of a turn-on, but I'm a pretty modest guy for the most part.


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I'm never naked outside of the bathroom, so that wouldn't ever happen to me... But I do feel bad for you and hope that nobody saw. lol.


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I sometimes think the people that live next door see me while I'm in my room, but I doubt it because they'd have to look up to the third floor to see me.


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oh and to add to my post, I'd avoid it completely in case there were kids around, lol. I was just thinking of adult communities I guess.


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I have to be very conscientious about this. I am one of these people that is fine just walking about my house in my underwear; however, my neighbors have 7 children living at home that use part of my land for their adventures, so I wouldn't want one of them to see me stroll by a window in all of my glory.
On one hand I could get all hateful and have the attitude that the kids shouldnt be playing around in my woods, but why ruin their good time for selfish reasons.

I do tend to forget I have my bedroom window open and hop out of the shower and run to my room in a towel or whatnot and then I have to run and close my curtains, but that isn't all that often.


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I can't remember anything like that ever happening to me but just a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning really early I started to walk outside with no shirt on and just my underwear on to get the newspaper. I opened the front door and took a couple of steps and suddenly said "Oh Shit" and walked back inside. I don't think anyone saw me:lol:


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I've done that before and kind of worried about it a bit afterwards. The thought of another adult (a stranger only!) seeing me doesn't really bother me but when I think of a child or a friend or coworker accidentally seeing me that makes me feel uncomfortable. I try to keep the blinds pulled if I know I'm going to be moving around with little on.


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I am very careful and very self conscious, when naked. So I close the curtains before I go to the shower or, if I forget to, I do not drop the towel until I do so. I do not imagine forgetting to close the curtains. It probably has a lot to do with the kind of area I live in too. Not the safest place in the world.

Don't worry about it though. Not a big deal... If thet saw something... Well it is their own "fault". Shouldn'y be peeking through your windows. Surely no one is complining though haha