Being "Open minded"


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I don't think it means anything close to what a lot of people perceive it to be. To me, I'd imagine it means being open to all knew avenues of thought, belief, and action. To some, it seems to mean "Open to my mind's way of seeing things."



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I agree with you completely that for the most part it means "Open to my mind's way of seeing things". As I said in Unity's thread regarding differences of opinion, most people are unable to be open minded about differences of opinion which to me, shows insecurity, unintelligence, immaturity, or a combination of those.


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Well, I've also found that a lot of people who claim to be "open minded" are quick to accuse people who disagree with them of being "closed minded".

Just because somebody doesn't change their mind on something doesn't mean they are closed minded. We are all born 100% open minded. What we chose to believe or not believe throughout our lives does not make us closed minded.

For example, take any heated debate and look at the people on both sides. Are they automatically closed minded if they don't change their minds and go to the other side? If so then open minded is synonymous with "fair weather minded" or "wishy washy".


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I think simply acknowledging differences can be considered open minded. Some people flat out reject whatever they don't agree with or not used to. You don't have to necessarily physically do something, but understanding is good enough.

I'll be open minded about new ideas and viewpoints and such. I'll listen and decide whether or not I'll agree, and even if I don't, I don't say it's wrong. I'll just add it to my list of perspectives on that particular subject matter.

Also I think there's a difference between being open minded and being stupid. Trying something new may be considered open minded, but there's some degree of risk of injury and whatnot, then count me out. :lol:


To some, it seems to mean "Open to my mind's way of seeing things."
if i got it right...
by your definition..
if your mind is open to new avenues of thought then it means that's your way of seeing things. The conclusion is the same for everyone:
I think what seems to be the right thing, in my opinion.
if you seem to accept something then you'll still think "open to my mind of seeing things" because that's the way you percept it.
so it all ends up with what you believe because what you believe is the way you see things.


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To me, an open mind is someone willing to hear other opinions. Doesn't mean you gotta be swayed, but at least recognize that the other person has a good point regardless whether or not you think they are right. Open minded also means that you hear what they say and open your mind to the possibility of yourself being wrong and possible adjust your view regardless of who IS right.