Being Gay Now Legal In India

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Obsessiforge, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Obsessiforge

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  2. viLky

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    It's funny how they legalize it, but as soon as they do they tack this quote onto it:

    Well, duh. What do you think was going to happen, gays run out and grope different people because it's legal now? :eek:

    Other than that, cool.
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  3. Steerpike

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    This is correct. The decision is also in agreement with principles of justice.

    The religious leaders are opposed to equal treatment before the law. Therefore, the religious leaders favor injustice.
  4. EllyDicious

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    wow ... India???
    oh i'm speechless.
    I see the mentality has developed a lot .
    never expected this to happen there, anytime soon.
  5. micfranklin

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    I guess with this in mind any anti-Muslim people can't say Islamic countries are the only ones behind the times in terms of tolerance.
  6. Obsessiforge

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    India isn't a muslim country; its mostly Hindu. they actually kind of hate muslims in India, that's why Pakistan became its own country in '47.
  7. ysabel

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    Yeah. Here we are fighting desperately for gays to have the same rights but when you see that in other countries, they are even treated as illegals, ah, it makes it seem like you're fighting for perks now.

    I wasn't aware how harsh they've treated homosexuals there. Now I heard stories of how police extorts gays because the system is against them (hmm similar to extorting illegal immigrants maybe, they can't report and complain because they'll get caught).
  8. CaptainObvious

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    You're right, we're not that far behind. It was in 2003 that the Supreme Court held in Lawrence v. Texas that sodomy laws were unconstitutional, overruling Bowers v. Hardwick, decided in 1986 I think. So yeah, it was only 6 years ago that we held the same thing.
    I should just add, the title of the thread is incorrect. It's never been legal or illegal to be gay, just illegal to engage in homosexual activity. Being gay is a status, which cannot be legislated. For example, you can't arrest someone walking down the street who is an alcoholic. You can arrest someone walking down the street drunk.

    Sorry, just being a little picky, I know
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  9. Obsessiforge

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    there are two reasons I titled it what I titled it; one, its catchier and more pithy. :p

    two, I've always heard that in order to actually be considered homosexual you have to have had sex with someone of the same gender. its possible that this has changed with more recent studies, etc, but its what I learned as a kid in health class :p
  10. Twitch

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    No you can't.

    Only if they are endangering themselves or others, or disturbing the peace.

    But on topic, this is pretty amazing. I'm quite fine with homosexuality, as long as they don't come on to me.

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