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Being friends with siblings


Registered Member
Do you consider yourself friends with your siblings? My little brother is my best friend in the entire world. Growing up, I always assumed most siblings were this way, or at least considered their siblings friends. As I grew older, I noticed this was less common than I thought. For instance, my husband, while he loves his brother, absolutely cannot stand him and warns me not to get too attached to the idea of our children growing up to be close to one another. I hate that idea, but maybe it's more of a reality than I've always assumed. So what about you guys? Are you close with your siblings?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yes, I have a twin brother and he’s my best friend, too. I guess it’s a different situation since we are twins. But me and him get along so well, and I could not ask for a better friend.


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There are 6 years difference between my brother and me. We never got along. We actually went years without speaking to each other and have only recently begun to have a conversation here and there. He was always the bully and very mean to me when we were children.


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My younger brother and I are about a year and a half apart, and I consider him my friend.

He probably considers me to be the biggest douche on the planet, but that's for another topic. :D


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My two brothers and I used to be very close friends when we were young, but as we grew up, we grew apart. I'm not sure why this happened, but now we're almost strangers :(


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I wish! My brother lives in a state that is 14 hours from me. We were close in school and then he joined the military!
I envy those people that are close with their siblings. I am very close to a couple of cousins.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I have three older brothers, and consider all of them to be friends - we get along very well. I'm thankful for that because I know it can be rare. Two of them have kids, so I don't get to just hang out with them one on one like we used to years ago, but that's fine because I love being an uncle. The oldest is actually a priest (we're Catholic), and is in the same city as me. What's cool about that is that we get to spend time together going out to eat, seeing movies, playing board games, etc. pretty often. While he was studying (he's a Jesuit and they're all about school/teaching), he was all over the country. So I'm thankful for the fact that we get to hang out a lot now.


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@Babe_Ruth I guess it's a little bit of a different situation but still totally applicable. I'm sure there are twins out there who don't like each other. I can't imagine how unfortunate that would be.

@Sophia That's a really big age difference. Sorry to hear your brother was such a bully. Hopefully he's better these days.

@Godsmirror Your post made me laugh. You should go ahead and make a thread about that, haha.

@Konshentz I am so sorry to hear that about your sibling. That's horrific and awful and a slew of other words that just aren't powerful enough.

@Pepper Oh no, that's so sad! Hopefully things will get better.

@Keri35 Ah, yes, I know the woes of the military. I'm the sibling who moved away because of it though. Cousins are cool though!

@Unity All of that is awesome. That's so cool that you're in the same city now. My family + board games = madness. We're all addicted and hyper-competitive. I love it so much.