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Being Extremely Exhausted?


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Are you ever exhausted to the point of not being able to do much of anything besides try to stay awake?

I'm like that right now. I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and it's starting to catch up to me now. :shake:


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I'm only ever like that if I try to wake up too early. Very rarely do I get to that point at night. It's not much fun staying up past exhaustion. I go to bed long before that.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Dude, your sleep schedule is out of whack as it is. I don't think going to bed at 8:30 would kill you.


Are you ever exhausted to the point of not being able to do much of anything besides try to stay awake?
I use to work a night stocker job at a grocery store and on my days off I didn't want to wake up at night and have nothing to do, so I use to stay up all day to rotate my hours. It was probably unhealthy doing it so many times, and it probably wasn't worth it in the long run. Nonetheless, I did it, and I was extremely tired. I use to walk around the house thinking about sleep. I couldn't even sit or lay down without falling asleep. >.<;
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Son of Liberty
I have been to the point of such exhaustion that Im even to exhausted to sleep. Where my mind is so tired I cant even focus enough to fall asleep. Its hard to explain but for those who have been there... they know what I mean.

Recently when I did those Epoxy floors at the cheeseplant I was to the point of flat out exhaustion. My mind was still awake but my body was done for. I was actually sore for a week after that :hah: but yeah the following two days from there I was totally exhausted. It was a super drag to get up and do it again.


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I have memories of wrestling season right now. :lol:

I would be sitting there in school trying to stay awake, who pays attention to the actual material when they're tired. I know that I sure didn't, got a better grade than pretty much everyone when all I did was review the material on my own time.

I also feel like that late at night especially when I did a really hard workout that day and sometimes the day before.


Sally Twit
The only time I ever felt like that was when I was awake for 24 hours. I felt like I was going to collapse at the end of it.


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Hmm, no i don't think i've ever been to the point of exaustion that i'll just fall asleep without even meaning to. Even if i haven't slept for a night i won't be able to fall asleep the next day till its dark- i usually just feel ill all day.

And on a normal day when i get up for school i can never really wake up and i'll be yawning all day at school but then when i get home i'll be wide awake again and staying up later than i should, haha.