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Being "all that you can be"


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At the moment there is Reality TV show that Bear Grylls is hosting. It is centered around a group of american men who have been chucked on an island and told to get on with it. I haven't watched it but apperently these men are dying of thirst, facing starvation and not really having a good time of it.

Now aside from my hatred for this (as clearly these people will not be allowed to die on camera and if there is a camera crew there they are cleary in contact with people) I just don't understand this. It may be that I am to much indulged in the 21st century and that I am soft but i just don't get this. It does not help that the last time I went camping I woke up in a panic barely able to breath and thrashing around but I don't understand this need to prove oneself, to, as I say, BE ALL I CAN BE! No ta, I will stick with my sofa.

What do you think though? Are you into this sort of thing?


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I like camping in the mountains and sleeping in tents. I always want to see tons of wildlife and I even saw a herd of wild buffaloes and a mountain lion. I also like hiking and swimming and I hate when a camping trip ends.

But no! When I go camping there's always a cabin included. Also I won't go camping if there's no kitchen, stereo system, wi-fi, TV, and a store that's less than a mile away.
This is 2016 not 1716 so nobody needs to prove anything. We already proved that people can survive if they have tons of cool stuff.
So yeah, I never want to prove myself on some wonky island or have sex with farm animals.
Imo, the only thing they can prove is they totally lost it! :p


Free Spirit
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I wouldn't consider it camping if I have a kitchen, stereo, electric. When we would go camping it usually was on a gravel bar someplace on the river after paddling all day in the canoe. Of course we take food and water, not going to count on catching a fish.

As far as the show, they are having fun testing their survival skills wanting to see what they are made of. Probably getting well paid too. Wouldn't be for me but each to their own. If anything serious happened I'm sure there is help nearby.


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My husband used to canoe when he was younger and lived in Missouri; he said he camped on gravel bars too :)