Being A Victim Of Crime


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Have you ever been a victim of crime?

If so, what happened?

I have a few times.

The first time somebody nicked my bike from our back garden without anyone realising.

On a more serious occasion, someone stuck a lit firework in out letterbox. If blew the door off and ruined our porch. Luckily enough it was done about three in the morning so everyone was in bed. If anyone had been in that vicinity then it could have been disastrious.

Lets hear some of yours.
$450 was stolen from my apartment last year. One of my room mates had a bad habit of leaving the door unlocked when he would leave, and I came back from a midterm to find $450 that my room mates had given me for utilities was gone.
I've never seriously been involved in a crime, that I can remember. and if I can't remember it then it can't have been very significant! Oh, a bird table and house number thing was taken from out the front one new years eve ages ago. Most probably drunks. :nod:

Edit: I just remembered somebody in school about 4 years ago stole a load of phones from the girl's changing rooms, and I happened to have left mine in there that day. That was alright though 'cos I needed a new one anyway.
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I was mugged at Birmingham New Street Train Station a few years back, they got off with my rucksack, fortunately it had nothing of value in it, just my lunch a book and some school notes.

And when I was in a hostel in Rotterdam someone stole all my money, about 60 euros or so, so not vast quantities and my mp3 player. Although for 10 dradful minutes I thought they'd taken my passport.


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I've never been put in a situation where I felt disadvantaged. Even better still I've never had any crime situation tossed my way. I do feel very fortunate to have managed to skate through this far in life without having any real detrimental issues like this. For some people all it takes is a split second for some 2bit thug to alter their life.


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Some squirrels fucked up my Harry Potter backpack back in third grade. Cost forty bucks, twas a shame.

I haven't lived in an apartment yet, or in a real city, so I haven't been introduced to the joys of porch-swiping and car break-ins.


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Some cheap bastards stole a pair of brand new shoes off my front porch (my dumb fault for leaving them out there overnight I guess). Other than that I have manage to avoid being a victim of crime so far.


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My car was broken into once (car alarm thread) & I was robbed at gun point once, though I had no cash on me when it happened thankfully.


A few years ago I was behind some dumpsters in a parking lot smoking a joint then I saw this guy guy walking up. Being the nice guy I am I was going to offer him a few hits. Instead he pulled a knife and asked me for what I had. I gave him my weed and that was apparently good enough for him (I don't really look like I have money I guess) and he ran off into the night with my weed.

Not a big deal, and even if it was not like you can report that thing to the cops.