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Discussion in 'Sports' started by oxyMORON, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. oxyMORON

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    What sport do you think is hardest to be a ref in? Which ones do you think it's easy to be a ref in?

    I think it's really hard to be a good football (american football) ref. There's just so much happening even before the play starts. Then then you have to follow certain actions/people among the chaos. Players are running so fast. Bodies colliding everywhere... It's sometimes difficult to see when a player is inbounds, down, touchdown, etc. Plus a play is all over within a few seconds.

    Being a ref for wrestling, like WWE, seems easy to me. The hardest part from what I've seen is just being able to get out of the way. Looks more like a decorative ref to me.:eek:hmy:

  2. Veloci-T

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    Football is the hardest to ref for exact same reasons as you, and easiest is pro wrestling, you just stand there and when someone gets on top of someone with shoulders down just get down and count
  3. Vidic15

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    Well, the hardest sport I have reffed is actually goddamn hockey, indoor hockey, because here, we have a foot rule, if the puck hits the foot, it's a penalty and it's hard to see if the puck hits the foot because those damn kids are all over the puck. Another sport that is difficult to ref is AFL, because the referee needs to run around the oval more than the player, follow the ball, give free kicks and other stuff. The referees are under massive pressure if they gave out the free kick by accident, but nothing happened.
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    Alex how you guys manage to play with a foot rule is beyond me. We try and block shots as much as possible.

    But I'll go with ball hockey to be the hardest. I know because I've reffed my share of tournaments and you have to be very vigilant of each players stick and test all equipment to see if it's legal. It's just a big hassel.

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