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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by icegoat63, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. icegoat63

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    I just had this flash in my head as I was posting in another thread. To me being a kid is an essential part of growing up. Its one of the many things that I as a person want to strongly implement as a parent when my time comes.

    How important do you feel it is for a person to just be a kid?

    I look back and I try to compare me to my little brother and the vast differences amaze me constantly. He's 13-14 years old and more interested in money and buying a car than I ever was at 13-14 years old. However if I go even further back say 9-10 years old I loved every second of it, I played with my toys by myself, I rode bikes, played video games and did all that. At 9-10 my little brother had already shunned all those off saying "those are kids things".

    As a parent how do you address that? Because I do know if theres one thing a kid hates to be called.... its "a kid" :hah:

    I'd also like to end this with, the other day My mom, fiance, and I went out to dinner at a Salad bar. In a booth there were 3 kids, I'd guess about 11 maybe 12 years old. They were playing with some toys that they'd brought into the restaurant and just making all kinds of noise. But instead of being pissed at them for it, I was actually jealous. I wish my little brother could act like that.... enjoy his childhood. Simply put it was one of those defining moments I feel in my character where I made a vow to myself to make sure my children will be able to be kids for as long as I can let them be.

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    I think it's very important, I'll just use the perfect example. Just look on how fucked up Michael Jackson was in his adult hood, the main reason is because he didn't have a childhood.

    He had to be a grown up because he was in the spot light and he had to be mature. Also Joe Jackson made sure that he didn't act like a kid, especially in front of the television, which he was always on.

    I think if your parents don't let you have a childhood, it might do some serious damage, just like it did to Michael. But... I know that having all that attention and such didn't help his case either.
  3. Jeru

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    I was kinda like your little brother..
    I matured early, mostly because i had to
    I was not raised by parents and learned to take care of myself at an early age. I do not think it is a bad thing because i feel stronger and more confident then most. I own my own house that is all paid for and my next door neighbor is a year older then and still lives with his parents and drives his parents cars. I do not feel like i missed out on a childhood.
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    that's a very good topic.
    as already said, being a kid is really important. actually it's important that every human should touch all the fragments of life from childhood to old age.
    once you skip any chain-link during your growth there may be consequences for a whole life.
    kids should learn to be kids and parents play the most important role in this through education and the environment they let their kids grow up in. it's true that kids of nowadays are much different from kids of the previous generation. kids nowadays have this tendency to act like adults, say adults things, do adults things(they listen to adult songs, play adult video-games, buy inappropriate toys) and i wonder if they'll have the chance to ever feel what being is a kid is like. and that's pity for 2 important reasons:
    a)-being a kid is something wonderful
    b)-skipping it leads to human's character deformation.

    those who skip childhood, will feel its need later in life..but it'll be too late to have it back.
  5. ysabel

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    You know it's starts young...this eagerness to grow up and not act like a "kid" or "baby". I can see it with my son when he doesn't want to do the same stuff his younger siblings do because it's for "babies". And I can imagine it goes on every other phase...we're too focused on growing up that we forget to live our age. And then we grow up and realise everything we've missed and we go back to being children, haha. It doesn't help when you have parents who expect too much from you...puts that pressure to move to another phase instead of enjoying your current situation.
  6. TheMaster

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    Ofcourse childhood is an essential part of growing up. My childhood was so relaxing before it came to the stages of living teen-hood, I earnt myself some money by doing a paper round every morning, no, it was not an easy paper round, it was up hill all the way, I had to do that 5 days each week, sounds silly that i'm only highlighting that but it's what ruined my relaxation, lol. I am a lazy bugger, but i'm not one of those husty men you see walking in to maccy d's as there daily exercise each day. Living childhood is something you can only do once.
  7. joydivision

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    As a parent, I feel a tremendous responsibility and pressure to raise my kids to be good people. For some parents, it's pressure for their kids to keep up and be the best at everything, so they rush their kids into all sorts of classes, sports, clubs.

    I've avoided most of that, so my kids can just be kids. They should have their downtime and then do homework. They should have a snack and watch t.v., then read a book. It's all about balance and creating a home that's a safe, fun place for a child to feel support. I never want to be a drill seargent sort of parent.
  8. Jeanie

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    I missed this thread until now. I couldn't agree with you more. Let kids be kids.

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