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being a bum


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anyone else here un-employed? how do you fill you days? apart from looking for work.
i feel like im stuck in a rut. i feel like im just existing not living
im trying to get back into college and have applied for a course however if i do get in it wont start until september, im hunting for jobs but so far no luck, unfortunatly the town i live in there is more things closing down than opening or looking for people. but the search continues! :)


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I'm also unemployed. Filling the day sure becomes hard after the novelty of not working wears off. I try to work on hobbies i've put on the back burner, so for me it's drawing and writing. Although, the writing doesn't really seem to go anywhere. I also try to prepare a nice meal for everyone at the end of the day, and do some baking to take up a few hours. Other than that its just the general stuff, gaming, watching shows and movies, reading, internet.

The main thing is keeping my mind occupied so the depression doesn't sink in. But when I look at job sites and there is nothing new I can do, it does just amplify that feeling of being useless. I know what you mean though, it feels like i'm just watching as life passes me by. It's like everyone else got some memo about how life works and I missed out.


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I'm unemployed but I am in school so that takes up some of my time, along with taking care of the household chores and my daughter and the dogs. It's difficult sometimes to feel worthwhile, though.


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I'm self-employed but no work is coming in. I'm looking for full time work but no luck so far. My days are fillied with the computer, exercise, reading, errands, tennis, housework, gardening, pets, teens and such. We are different ages and different phases so "ruts" aren't my problem so much. Money is!!! I love my life full of the list above, but I will be forced to give it up since my husband has been unemployed for 7 months now.


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I too an unemployed. I graduate with a BS in Sports Management from a Big Ten school in the midwest in August 2010. Then I was hired onto a limited term job in September but late fall and winter came and I was really, unemployed. I took a part time and am currently still looking for full time work. Btw, the sports industry is doing terrible. First thing people cut from their lives in this market is extraneous expensive spending - i.e. sporting event tickets.

Luckily the golf season is coming up and my job opportunities seem to be expanding as the sun gets brighter, but I still have nothing guaranteed.

I absolutely hate this economy, but I press through it by staying busy working out, playing video games and surfing on the Internet. I have a loving family which helps me out too, and that helps too, but I have to pay student loans so I need something substantial asap!

Also, I have my upcoming golf interviews because of NETWORKING. Online job searching is almost completely useless, especially careerbuilder and monster (they are by far the worst job search engines ever). Even craigslist will get you more chances than those sites. I hope to hear stories of people getting jobs in the near future!
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I'm sorry to everyone who responded that have no jobs. Hopefully something will come along for each of you!! I like the fact I work in a school. It's perfect, because I have all summers off, all holidays off and all weekends off. And I work when Jada is in school and I am off of work when she is out of school, so no need to worry about anyone having to look after her. I wouldn't trade my job for anything.


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I'm unemployed, too, and I mostly spend my time doing the things I'd do when I'm not at work: playing on the computer, games, some programming, hanging out with Piper every other weekend, and looking for work. I've applied at around 40 places since November and have only gotten one call.



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I'm a perennial bum. People ask me what I do all day and if I get bored. Sure, I get bored sometimes. Who doesn't? But then I just ask myself if I'd rather be working or would I rather have endless free time to do whatever I want. The answer is easy. I do want a job just so I can start earning a living and move out, but there are things I need/want to do before then.


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I have a job but I take so many days off (without calling off). It makes me feel bad, sometimes, for having a job when so many other people want jobs.. I have one and I don't want it.. but I work enough to pay bills.

I'm a bum.


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I spend my time on GF! :lol:

I do have kids and routines for me at home (and that keeps me busy) but it's not paid work so I do feel useless from time to time just because it's not a recognised "occupation". Sometimes I attempt going to job interviews and I find it depressing after as mostly put into question my familial status lately. I have job offers in other countries and I can't exactly leave France. I tried helping out a friend of mine for his company - I direct his social media online and that makes me feel useful and feel like I'm still making my brain function.