Behold, the Rebel Alliance


Lion Rampant
...of Skwerls.

Join us and create ineffectual mayhem imperceptible to the masses, ohhh! ^_^

You's the farce, Luke.

Also, making this thread is giving me wicked deja vu in the classic literal sense that I actually feel as though I'm living this moment for the sexond time. Y'ever get that?

(Yeah, I see it. I'll just leave this one unedited. It's not "pancakes drenched with male syrup," but fuck it.)


Son of Liberty
my mouse is giving out... stupid POS... I keep clicking but it just doesnt wanna go through

my keyboard works though alsdjfa;lsdjfa;lskdgjfa;sldgja;lsdgh;aositqwoeldkknzxclkvhqw