Behind the USERname?


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(yes I derived this from boredie's recent thread).

Is there any meaning behind your username?

Or more specifically, how did you choose it if there's nothing special?

Mine has no special meaning to myself really, I just like ninjas (I suppose) and im 6 foot. So bam, I created 6footninja. It's been my username on multiple forums and other websites.

Which brings me to another question, have you used your username on this site on others as well?


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My daughter's middle name. First time I used it as internet username. She was named and born 2 months before I joined GF.


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Well my name originates from my XBL gamer tag, after spending a half an hour thinking of names that havent been used already I arrived at R1pperZ since it looks cool and is a term my brother uses allot.

And now I use this name on all websites.


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Well my name is from a basketball player. Michael Jordan is my second favorite NBA player. Vince Carter is my first, I had that name before, so I decided to change it Michael Jordan.


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I got my name a long time ago from my girlfriend. She was just a friend at the time and she was such a smartass. One day she asked me why I was so blue, and started calling me General Blue. Don't know why she called me that, but that name has stuck with me.


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it has to do with dataDyne from perfect dark 64 hence the "dD" and my name is david and dDavid didn't sound good.
Well when i got the net from 'round last year, I was obsessed with Ninjas specifically Hattori Hanzo, My friends now call me Hanzo and some others Bite but thats a different story!, I know ALOT abou' this guy too, I earned his name from using it on MSN too much x)