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Alright, this might be a little over the top but I think that this thread could be pretty successful, as long as it stays on topic.

Some of you have probably seen some threads about Zelda quest, this thread is made to be a huge expansion on that.

Here are the basic rules of beginning your own quest.

1. Choose a game series that you want to finish from beginning to end.
2. Star a thread entitled "(username)'s (game series) quest"
3. Update the thread as you progress through the games asking for help or just stating your progress.

I have tried this with Zelda and it seems to be working quite well, this is a great way to get those games finished that you want to play but never got around to.

Here are some game series that I would suggest to do because they would make great quest.

Warcraft (1-3)

Of course you are certainly not limited to those games, you can do your quest on any game series that you like.

Just start with the first game and play the games in order in any quest. If you commit yourself to your quest and make it so it is not a chore that you must do then you will have a lot of fun with it.

Please do not use this thread as your quest! Start your own thread.

Good luck on your Quest!:nod:
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I rarely find a game that interests me enough to play it 100%. If I started a quest it would need to be something like making it halfway through a game or something. I could do that. :)


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Yes it can be difficult to find a game that interests you that much. I sometimes get bored of games and stop them halfway through (Mario Sunshine specifically) and then I never get around to finishing it, I know exactly how it feels to get bored of a game and quit. Some people just don't like an entire series enough to go and play all of the games in it.


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I'm considering doing a Grand Theft Auto quest sometime before the GTA4 release, but that could take forever.

I'm also thinking about doing a mini-Zelda quest. I'd probably just do LoZ, Zelda 2, OoT Master Quest, and Majora's Mask.


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I'm actually considering starting kind of a miniature side quest while I do my Zelda Quest, don't worry it won't interfere almost at all with My Zelda Quest, I'm going to do a Sonic quest.

Echoes: A mini Zelda quest would be good for you, but I seriously doubt that I would be able to help you with anything, since the only games that I have beaten in your list are LoZ and Zelda 2 and you have already beaten both of those.

I'm off to start a Sonic quest Thread.
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I dont have the time to play much at the moment. I guess I would do Halo series probably but I still really do not understand the point of this thread.


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Read the first post, it explains everything.:D

so basically...
choose a game series that you really like
start a thread called "(username)'s (game series) quest"
You can post any recent things that you have accomplished in the game or you can ask for help
people can respond back to you in your thread and help you out or give you some suggestions and tell you something that you may have missed in the game or something.

The catch it though that you have to start at the very first game in the series and play all of the games through in order.:-o yes that's right you have to play every game in order.

You can pretty much modify the rules of having a quest in any way that you'd like but you do have to make sure to actually play a game, you could do something as simple as a Super Mario 64 quest, or something as daring as a Donkey Kong 64 quest, basically you can do it however you want even with just one game, so anybody who plays any games at all can have their own quest.

I know that that may be a bit wordy but it makes sense.


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I've used my 2nd day of toe-healing time to get back to finishing my Chrono Trigger game from 2005.

I couldn't put it down once it started because the game interested me so much, but then when I got to the end and read about getting the New Game +, I wanted to make sure that I made the ending stats of my game as perfect as possible so that it would be all set for any future games I play on the cartridge. But that quickly became a bore. My main guy was in the low 90's and my other guys were in the mid to high 80's in experience level. It goes up to a max of 99, and after today, I have my main guy at level 98 and the rest are very early 90's. I don't know how long it will take, but I want them all to 99 before I beat the game.

I've already bought out what I think are all the stores left in the game, so my items will carry over to be sold for gold in the next game, but that's not even the hardest part. The hardest part is that because I've completed all the quests and all the side quests (leaving no stone, or even a pebble unturned), I might have cut off some of the best level up spots in the game. Right now, my best level-up spot is a place in Giant's Claw in the beginning where if you come out a cave and go near a chest repeatedly, you can fight a group of 1 gigasaur and two littler enemies that give you 1408 exp and 1100 gold each time, with 1 shield and 1 barrier (each redeemable for 2500 gold that can be used to buy out stores). As long as I use the most powerful "attack all" attacks like Luminare, Flare, or [the best] Shock, I can complete the fight over and over again relatively quickly and the only minor setback is that I have to keep using Mid Ethers to give me back 30MP after the attacks which take 17-20MP to use. It's kind of annoying, especially since I can't find the point in the game where I can supposedly buy the Full or Hyper Ethers that can put back way more MP at a time, but even the gamefaqs walkthrough hasn't made that spot clear if it exists. It just says that they CAN be bought and lists the prices, but doesn't say where (unless it's buried in the 44-page double columned walkthrough somewhere).

So that's where I'm at currently. I wish I had known where the best level up spot was before this so I could have postponed completing that part, but now this is all I've got to work with. Getting the rest of my guys to 99 now is going to be a REAL pain from here on out.
And in an update, any thought I had of completing this quest is now officially dead.

I just turned my game on again to try to pick up where I left off in the level up process, and somehow everything in data spots 1 and 2 had been erased. Only data spot 3 was still there and it was on save #334 with my top guy at level 82 and everyone else in the 70's. I checked the maps and it looks like all the side quests had been completed and all Black Omens gone, so I was still at the same level-up place. I had 2.5 million in the gold, so this was before I began buying all the stores out. I'm guessing it was just after defeating the last Black Omen. It's easily a good 8 hours I lost somehow some way. I'm not going to do it again. Even though I know the procedure, it's not worth it to get a new game + on a cartridge that can do this.
This is a day later update:

I thought about the situation some more, and although I can't figure out what caused the first two spots to erase, I cleaned the game very well so I decided to try to get my guys to level 99 again. This time, I'm just going to save the game in all 3 spots everytime I save so that the chances are higher that at least one of them won't get erased again. I thought it would take forever, but upon trying it the first time again, the levelup process was seriously quick. My top guy started at level 82. By the time I'd gone through 100 battles in just over an hour, I had gotten him to level 92, with everyone else trailing not far behind. The next 100-battle session brought him to 94, then 97, and then I surpassed where the previous game left off by getting him and some others to 99 on the next two 100-battle sessions.

I think now that I'm organized and using nothing other than the single best one-hit-kill-all move (which is Robo's "Shock"), it's going by way faster than before where I was fooling around with weaker attacks that required at least one additional turn. In terms of time, it took about 6 hours to accomplish what before took me 8 hours. Now all but two of my guys are at level 99. The next two are expected to reach within the next session, or possibly a half of one. This then returns me to my original question.......

Would it be worthwhile to make a quest topic just to document the remainder of my levelup process, my fight with the last boss Lavos, and possibly a new game where I go through effortlessly and beat Lavos at each possible spot to get different endings?

Hopefully my foot feels better before I even get the chance to start that New Game +, but if it doesn't, a quest is definitely possible. I doubt I'd get all the way through it, but I could attempt it.
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