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Beefcake, anyone?


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Ah hayl, it said I had managed to go 68 days without being RickRolled *haha*...till now!


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FYI Dabs, you're not supposed to let on about the beefcake!
How is anyone else going to enjoy it if you spoil it for them. Except maybe CO or Bliss? And why is CO looking at my beefcake?
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@ Jeanie: How'd you like that massive shot of Smilin' beefcake? Did it make you all tingly down there like last time?


Embrace the Suck

I had gone so long:sick:


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I hope its been a long time since you looked at beefcake! But I know mine is so impressive that you just had to take a peek! :lol:

I'm sure after seeing that you won't need to look at beefcake for quite some time. But if you feel the need just let me know and I'll be sure to whip it out for ALL to gaze upon in awe and wonderment.