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Bed bugs! New York's Ritz-Carlton hotel has some unexpected guests


Free Spirit
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One of New York's swankiest hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, has had some very unwelcome guests - bedbugs.
Hotel management confirmed it found the bedbugs in one of their rooms on Sunday following a complaint from a guest. Read More Here
As much as you have to pay for a night at this place you would expect it to be super clean. At least they took care of the problem immediately. I stayed at a motel one time, wasn't a cheap place either and when I walked across the carpet in my socks the bottom of them were brown instead of white. Has anyone had any bad experiences in a motel/hotel before?
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I've never had an experience so bad with a hotel that it had bed bugs in it! I did stay in a hotel in St Petersburg once where all the towels and linen smelt like cigarette smoke. That was really gross.


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My hotel experiences have been good, although I wouldn't have necessarily noticed if it was slightly bad...


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I've been in a cheap hotel and I'm just glad I'm not the type to sleep for hours. It was really just a desperate stop over during a long drive from SF to LA.

That's bad publicity for Ritz especially from their clients who think it cannot happen to that hotel.