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Becoming US citizen


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is not easy!!!

I have been very busy with calls to find all means to be able to live in the USA... Until I am 18 (March 21) I can do nothing. Once 18 I can apply for permanent residency card to USA, but this can take from 2-3 years to be accepted and I must have at least 2 years of University with exceptional grades with educational, medical or technical training. It is preferred to have 4 years of University, this is why exceptional grades are a must for 2 years.

This is how my sister was accepted for permanent residency to USA. If accepted I must live and work in the USA for 5 years then I may apply for citizenship, unless I am married to citizen then is 2 or 3 years and I must pass testing and interviews.

It seems it will take very long time to even be able to live in the USA, but I also find way I can go with my sister when she comes to the USA. It will only be for few months but I plan to do this in July and work for the summer before I must attend University here again. But again I must be 18 to apply so is not for sure, but I am told it should be no troubles to get this approval.

It is exciting to me I may at least visit the USA and maybe someday I live there as well!


Better Call Saul
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If you have the desire and are patient than you can do it! Good luck!


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Worthwhile things are rarely easy. But if you are determined, I believe that nothing can stop you.

I'm no expert, but here is my advice:

If you do have the opportunity to come I would suggest that you find the best university in the area that you visit and do your best to get a job or volunteer in a job that would put you in the position to meet faculty in an area that you would like to study. Make friends and impress upon them how hard you would work to do your best and how badly that you desire just a chance to prove yourself worthy of the opportunity to get a good education and contribute to that field.

However, be careful. There are always those that would try to take advantage of an attractive young woman. So never let them try to romance you with empty promises just to get physical. Don't look for a boyfriend to marry to make the process quicker. If you do find true love, that's great but dont look at it as a shortcut. You will be happier if you find a way to succeed on your own merit. I'm confident that you can make your dreams come true and in your ability to overcome great obstacles, even those that seem too tough to accomplish. Accept that there will probably be big setbacks along the way, but determine for yourself that you will not quit and never surrender.

I wish you luck and if you think I can help you, ask. I can't promise anything except that I would help you if I am able.


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Ilus, I wish you all the best....and speed as well.
I know of someone, he is originally from Scotland, and when he met his now wife, who lives in Pennsylvania (the USA).....it took him 2 years to become a "U.S. citizen".
But he says it was worth the wait!
So, hang in there :)
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Son of Liberty
SS gave you some great advice in here, Ilus, and I echo what he said. I don't know much about immigration law but I know many people who do. If you have any specific questions or any help with anything please do not hesitate to ask. I'll help you in any way I am able. Good luck to you.


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I definitely echo what Millz said; It sounds like you have a good plan and strong determination so I think that things will turn out your way! Patience is key. Definitely go to CO if you have questions about law, he's got a lot of knowledge and resources in that department. And SS is right about becoming part of a University if you can, it's a great idea.

I know that there are a lot of resources for immigrant populations upon arrival in the U.S. from a social services perspective...this doesn't necessarily mean people that will give money or things like that, but people that can help you to feel more comfortable with your surroundings. If this all works out for you, if you need some help in looking up agencies that could provide support in your area let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Good luck! We'd be glad to have you in the U.S.


I'm serious
Like the others have said before me, it will take some patience and planning. You are on the right track by already knowing now what you need to do to get there when the time comes. I wasn't quite as clear on my objectives all my life and I tend to do things a little backwards. That said though, where there is a will there is a way.

I'll be going to the States myself hopefully in February and the goal in the back of my mind is to get a permanent job offer during my 18 months there. If I can get that right, you can get this right. I thought it was too late for me and that it would be impossible to do, but once I started putting my mind to it, everything fell in to place.

Good luck with this. I know it will work out if you really want it to. Be patient and don't lose track of your objective. Keep us posted!


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You all make me feel very welcome to come to the USA already and I very much am glad to have your support. If more questions arrive to me I will not hesitate to ask, but for now I can only wait until March 21 when I am 18 to do anything lol.

Thank you all so much !


It's not me, it's you.
Do you know where your sister is going to live yet?


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Do you know where your sister is going to live yet?
Yes, her fiance's family is from the state South Carolina USA. They met I think was 3 years ago here when his family came as tourist and he has been back maybe 10 times since to visit.