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I saw the interview she did after this on Good Morning America or something, and she gave the perfect, preplanned, cookie-cutted answer. I'll admit she sounds several grades smarter when she got a second shot.


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lol Yeah. I love that. You should Drop Dead Gorgeous. It's a mockumentary of beauty pageants. Hilarious and fun to watch the stupid blonds perform. :D


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Yeah, I keep seeing that movie on, but I never take the time to watch it.

So it is pretty good?

I might have to take the time then, the next time I see it on.


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That video was all over the place a few months ago. They were even showing it on ESPN. I'm ashamed to be a US American after watching that. Like such as.


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Yeah. She's a shining example of brilliance that one. My personal favorite aspect is when she keeps referring to it as "the Iraq."
"The US should help the US..."

And such is why I'm somewhat sad to say I'm an American. [asshole-mode] I've found though, that its just the SOUTH that are the stupid ones. You ask any kid in the ghettos of New York city where the US is and they'll show you. You ask some hick, and they have no freakin idea. (sorta along the lines of why they have war re-enactments for a war THEY LOST)[/asshole-mode]