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Beautiful Dreams


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In Loving Memory of Katrina Lepp.

Maybe we can post a memory about how Katrina touched our lives.

One of mine is the "if GF was a real place" thread. Katrina wrote that her and I would do everything together and be best friends. That really made me feel special. I'll find the quote when I have more time.


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When I first got acquainted with her, she had just moved into her apartment. In her post she wrote:

"I have never been one to think one person is better than another, ........"


Embrace the Suck
We had been going back and forth about my offer to help her with her rent until she found a roommate and this was the last PM about that offer:

I can not, I would feel... very bad to do that. I have no doubts you would help me, but it is more than I can accept right now.

I will make you promise, if it comes to point I must be escort, then I will talk to you about this first, before I act on anything. But for now, I must hope I can find flatmate in time, just hope for me as well is the only thing I would ask of you right now.

You really are special man CO, you offer to help me and ask nothing from me, for me, this is not something I see each day, or at all. I hope one day to meet man like you IRL, if you are not the only one.

Now, enough of this offer for now, I do not like to cry and this is only thing I am doing now.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
A few months ago I made a drunk post listing things that I liked about some members here. I said that I thought Katrina was attractive and this is what she said;

Not really an impression I set for GF and nothing I see in myself, but if you see this in me, well, I can only say thank you I think.
I've been thinking about this quite a lot since I heard yesterday. It always bums me out a little when an attractive person doesnt see it in themselves but theres also a lot to say for humility. I didn't think much of this response at the time but now I can see what a classy and strong response it was. I am sorry that this is my strongest memory but it did seem worth sharing.


Sally Twit
I think she recently did feel attractive, Alt. She told me in a PM that she went out for dinner with a man who made her feel special and pretty. So that's a good thing at least.

Though we are not close friends, I feel like we are building to a better friendship, and I would be honored to be called your friend. I think I look up to you and Jeanie the most though you each take a different approach to talking about personal things, you are not afraid to say how you feel honestly about anything, yet I feel a sincerity in what you say as well.

I look forward to building a better relationship with you and I am truly an admirer of yours.


In one of our recent PMs I asked her what was her dream guy and here's what she said:
My dream guy...
-He will not be Estonian, maybe American.
-He will be a man who will return as much love as I have for him, always.
-He will be maybe a little older than me, maybe 10 years. (I am only learning now about myself, I like the company of older men. I feel better connected mentally than with boys my age)
-His looks are not so important, but I must have some attraction.
-He will be confident, but not arrogant.
-He will have ambitions and goals we can share together.
-He will never tell me a lie or make up excuses.
I liked her answer because she really liked to have by her side someone down to earth.
She had been in some unfair relationships in the past and she deserved to have someone much better...
I guess she might have met her dream guy through her job. It's just that she didn't have time to realize it.


Sultan of Swat
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Kat was really interested in getting in to Fantasy Baseball, but she didn't know anything about it. I was really glad to help her out to understand the sport, and Wade worked hard to explain how it works. Unfortunately a week after she sent me a private message saying that she had to sell her laptop so she couldn't commit to it. It broke my heart since I knew she was struggling for money, but she didn't let it affect her personality.

Man, this brings tears to my eyes.
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I found her quote:

SmilinSilhouette: My personal best friend, we go everywhere together
So yeah, every time I re-read one of her posts or PMs it really chokes me up.


still nobody's bitch
Jeanie, I was hoping you would ask.

We did not get along so well for so long, but things stayed civil until recently and maybe it was a simple misunderstanding gone wrong, but if anything it was the link that I feel gave us a bond and beginning of what I feel is the start of a very good friendship. You are thoughtful, consoling and supportive, even if it something you do not totally agree with. You have a great understanding that sometimes if you are not faced personally with an issue, what you think of it may not be the best answer. I have so much respect for you now and i feel like I can talk to you about anything and not be judged for it. But I know at the same time you will tell me honestly what you think and how best to deal with an issue.


It hurts so much.
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This is the kind of thing I appreciated in her. I know she means no disrespect to those that abide by the Bible. It is just her way of expressing herself.

Katrina said "Humans are the superior beings of earth, there is no questioning this. By bring the Bible into your equation you only distort this truth. "