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3ds Beaten it 100%?


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Staff member
Who's beaten Mario DS 100%? I have about 100 stars right now but haven't quite finished it. The ones that I usually save for last are the 100 gold coin stars. Those are a real pain sometimes.

The very worst is Rainbow Ride 100 Gold Coins.. I can't even count the number of times I've fallen from that level. My only condolence is that I don't end up outside the castle like the Red Coin cloud level.

Anyway, what happens when you beat this 100%? Anything special or is it the same as the 64 version.


Registered Member
You get to go on the roof, and there are like extra lives and stuff up there. I finished it 100 percent, but deleted the file so I could do it again. It gets very hard the last few stars, trying to figure out what stars you missed, oh my god is that hard. Good luck Andrew, it may be hard, but it is worth it : )


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I promised my self that I would beat it....I still havent. However, I am getting pretty damn close. I am about to open the final stage. How do I get that bottom cannon infront of the castle to open? I did it before but forgot.


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To open the cannon you need to get ALL of the stars first, that is the only way Lara : (


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Dang, that's exactly the same as on the N64. Well, except that you actually CAN unlock Luigi... though just a tiny bit earlier than having all of the stars... they could have done something cool after 100%.