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  1. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    If anyone's into beat poetry, post it up here.

    And yes, I think this deserves a separate thread from poetry.


    Basis of democracy
    Freedom, you think? Paradise, it ain't
    Two tiers, two sides
    Big Lie
    Justice is blind, justice is blinded
    Out there, no care, pains
    Light through bars, morality czar
    Hate so mad
    Take a stand
    Words are nothing

    Bring it out; rage and shout
    Now is now, now is now
    To phobic mores, bring the war
    No more no more-
    Shaken to the core, rise up and soar
    High ground, low ground, no bounds
    Freedom be
    For all, not just us in the US just
    Want to see
    Double-standard the standard
    True standard is no standard
    Words are nothing

    For Day of Silence 2008.

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