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Bears, Redskins and Browns GM's walk into a room...


Registered Member
....and they decide to do a three way quarterback trade. Who goes where? who is "winner"?

I'd say Manziel to Washington, Cutler to Cleveland and Griffin III to Chicago. The winner? is there really a winner? But possibly Cleveland with the deep offensive line to protect Cutler.


Registered Member
Jay Cutler simply does not have the intangibles to be a winner. I think he dooms whatever franchise he becomes a part of.

Manziel would become even more of a "side show" with Daniel Snyder and the joke that is the Washington Redskins.

Robert Griffin III obviously needs a change of scenery, but it isn't like Chicago is a place where QB's go to blossom.
I think that the only man who has a remote chance of having success with Jay Cutler as his QB would be Mike Shanahan, should he eventually coach again. He's had some success with him in Denver so he might think he could make him good again.

But either way, that's a lose-lose-lose for everyone involved.
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