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Discussion in 'NFL' started by Guitarzan-54, Oct 5, 2007.

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    Madden says Bears 'are going to start all over' at quarterback

    October 5, 2007

    BY ROMAN MODROWSKI [email protected]

    NBC color analyst John Madden expects the Bears to turn things around this season, but his prediction for their quarterback position isn't as optimistic.
    ''The Bears are going to start all over again now [at quarterback],'' said Madden, who will work Sunday night's game at Green Bay. ''That was their dilemma with Rex Grossman. If he wasn't the guy, then they have to find the guy who's going to be their future. That's going to take five, six or seven years.
    ''That seems to have been their dilemma for a long time. I always laugh about this, but every time you do a Bears game and talk about quarterback, you ultimately get back to Sid Luckman [who played with the Bears from 1939 to '50]. You hear, 'Remember when they had Sid Luckman.' Well, hell, that was before I was born. Some teams never have a quarterback or running back or wide receiver for whatever reason. The Chicago Bears, for whatever reason, can't get a quarterback.''
    Madden said the Bears' problems are not limited to quarterback.
    ''Right now, they're doing everything that a bad team does,'' he said. ''There are interceptions, there are fumbles and there are penalties.
    ''Offensively, they're not good enough to live with all those turnovers and penalties. They bring Brian Griese in for Rex Grossman, and Brian Griese throws three interceptions. Their offensive line isn't playing that well either, so it's not just all the quarterback. They're having the problems now of a bad team.''
    But Madden expects that to change.
    ''I'm not ready to say Chicago is a bad team,'' he said. ''I just have a feeling they're off to a bad start, but they're not going to be a bad team all year.'',CST-SPT-madden05.article

    I'm not a huge Brian Geise fan, although I do believe he can (and will) hold his own.

    But, let's face it....WRECKS GROSSTESQUEMAN had to go!

    I really liked this kid when he first came here. What's not to like? He has an awesome work ethic, coupled with a GREAT arm!
    But, what good is that "great arm" when he keeps putting the ball in the opposing teams' hands....over and over and over.
    Brett Favre can get away with this because for every interception he throws he, usually follows that with a touchdown.
    WRECKS is no BRETT.

    He has already, in just three games, threw 6 interceptions....and one touchdown....from a whopping 5 yards out.

    No, we didn't win with Greise last week. BUT....I am overall pleased with Greise's performance.
    Considering that the guy hasn't started a game in over two years....and puts up 287 yards, and two touchdowns on his first shot "out".....I think that pretty damn good.
    The interceptions that he threw were not entirely his fault. The receivers have GOT TO CATCH THE BALL!
    Isn't that what they're paid 90 BIZILLION DOLLARS A YEAR for????

    Berrian caused one of those interceptions, and Moose caused the other. So that's two "interceptions that you can remove from Brians "first day out".

    The third....???? a split between Greise and Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner, in my opinion.

    HEY!!!!!.....TURNER!!!!?????.......LISTEN UP!:

    What the blood hell were you thinking!????

    PUSH the damn rock again!.....maybe you finally get "in". And maybe you don't.
    But, at the very least....YOU DO GET 3 POINTS OUT OF IT ALL!
    ....instead of making Greise throw into tripple coverage!

    So......yes, Greise DID throw the ball. But Turners "play-calling" has just been horrendous.

    And that, my new friends, is my first post!.......:clap::clap::clap:


  2. Swiftstrike

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    Although Grossman has always been bad I am surprised the formula for last year has not been working this year.

    I blame the loss of Thomas Jones. The guy rushes for over 1200 yards (i dont know the specific nubmer) while splitting time with Benson. And then he gets traded.

    Biggest mistake the bears have made since selecting to start Grossman.
  3. Zanthrax54

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    I agree about the loss of jones, HE WAS THE REAL DEAL, BUT THEY DRAFTED A SO-CALLED STUD ROOKIE AND HAD TO START HIM...serves em right!
  4. Lee

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    Everyone said this last year when Lovie kept saying "Rex Grossman is our quarterback." The truth is, and everyone but Lovie Smith knew this, Rex Grossman isn't a starting NFL quarterback. They got to the Super Bowl last year despite Rex Grossman.

    Griese's day has come and gone, and he won't be the one to lead them to anywhere. They need to trade for someone or take a quarterback in the first round next year.
  5. Guitarzan-54

    Guitarzan-54 Guest

    Well, I'm no WRECKS GROSSTESQUEMAN fan.....but, in his defense, Brett Favre was absolutely herrendous when he began his career with Atlanta.
    And they regret getting rid of him BIG TIME.

    Even Peyton Manning was a joke when he started his career.

    My biggest concern is that we DO get rid of Rex....and in 2-3 years he becomes our biggest nightmare. Favre and Manning have done.

    I say we keep him around, and let him him hold the clip board until he learns a bit more.
    Then, next year....try again.

    If it still doesn't work, then you gave the guy every opportunity, and it's time to look elsewhere.

    That's what I would do if I were president. :yes:.......:w00t:

  6. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Well you must of been happy my friend, because the Chicago Bears won their sunday night match up against a strong Green Bay Packers team. They scored a key touchdown in the fourth quarter to go ahead, and then Favre had a chance to be the hero again and tie the ball game, but he threw and interception. Good game though.
  7. Matriqulated

    Matriqulated Future is Fused 3036A.D.

    I'd have to say I'm on the letting Thomas Jones go was the worst thing the Bears could do for Grossman in the offseaon bandwagon. But that was a huge division win this week and I have Benson on my FF team. I was suckered into thinking that if the Bears would let Jones go that Benson was ready to carry the load. He isn't, and if they figure that out and bring in another back next year, or Peterson takes the #1 spot then Rex may once again have some success in that system. The bottom line is like a Jake Delhome for example if there is no running game there will be no flashes of greatness from Rex. I'll be quietly rooting for the Bears, except for the week they play the Eagles.

    The song that the girl in your avatar has playing in her Ipod is the good ish :clap:.
  8. Guitarzan-54

    Guitarzan-54 Guest

    Haha!.....she's supposed to be animated.....

    But, for reason I can't seem to get her to Dance here......:w00t:

    I agree, as does everyone in Chicago now, that letting go of TJ was an aweful mistake.
    Now we need a running back....AND a quarterback.

    And, quite possibly....acording to this year.....and new offence! LOL!!!

    Here we go with the Defense saving the day....again.

    Although, I was pretty satisfied with Greise's performance last week. If he can stay healthy, and keep progressing....and the O-line gets it's act together, we just might be able to compete this season.

    But, we can't keep getting away with it all falling on the D.

  9. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Give Benson a chance he's still young and he has a lot to prove. I honestly believe that he can be a good running back in the NFL. Some people say that he's afraid to get hit, and when he gets over that then he can become an elite running back in this league. He has a lot to prove, because he was such a high pick, and the Bears organization got rid of Jones to make room for Benson. Give him a chance and you'll see you won't regret it.
  10. Guitarzan-54

    Guitarzan-54 Guest

    I sure hope so.

    But, I can't help, when I see him run out of bounds instead of getting hit...and making a few more yards.....
    the first word that comes to mind is "PUSS!!!".
    I couldn't believe that.

    I know he's "young". But, so are Adrian Peterson (Vikings), Ladanian Tomlinson (Chargers), Larry Johnson (Chiefs), Joseph Addai (Colts)....and so on.
    It's time for Benson to live up to his expectations.

    ...and the same with GROSSTESQUEMAN.

    Although, Wrecks is probably already gone.


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