Beards, like it or not?

What do you think about beards/facial hair?

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What do you think about beards and/or facial hair?
Like it? Hate it?
Do you have a beard yourself? If so, any particular style?

I kinda like it myself and I used to have a full beard, but I shaved it all some time ago. And now I try to grow a soul patch :D.
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I like beards a whole lot more than I use to. I think they add a lot of character to a face.
Not to mention the feel of having one brush against your cheek.:)


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I'm currently growing a beard. I like the big unmaintained beards.


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Is it just me or is the poll closed? :confused:
I mean I just started the thread and poll
It was a glitch. It's fixed now.

I like facial hair. I get bored of it often though and end up changing it up or doing a clean shave every once in a while for a change.


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I like having facial hair. Other's sometimes say mine looks bad. But I could care less, it's fun to stroke my chin hair. Well, I mean, it's better than the last time I let it grow out. I just went from april to september shaving everyday. Had to keep it clean shaven for work. I quit that job and was able to go a month growing it out again, and it grew in much fuller and better looking. But now I'm getting the same job in a new location, so I'll have to cut it off again :sadface: but that's okay I suppose. At least I can keep the mustache.

I hate people with pubic hair on their face. They can grow 3 hairs on their face, 10 hairs max, and they get to be like 2 inches long. They are literally walking down the street, presenting their chin as a second set of balls. What does that say about their nose eh?


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i had one through college, now i shave whenever i start itching. except during hockey post-season, i grow it during the Rangers run.