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Beanie Babies


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Does anyone colect Beanie Babies? Just wondering if some of them are still worth something. I have too many but will just name one. Osito the Mexican Bear. Is that worth something? Still mint tags. I love teddy bears for some reason. I have quite a bunch of them.


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I was never really into collecting them... and by the time I realized they were of value, my kids had already slimed the ones we did have LOL I think they are still worth money though to some of the collectors.


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I have all of the dragons, but those are the only ones I know anything about value on


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It's very much worth to pick up one of the TY books that gives current value.

If you have the older ones the 1999-2000 is the best guide... they still sell it at major book stores. If you have anything from 2001-2005 then get the newest version out...

The TY collector cards are worth more then the bears in the some cases because they were made with tons of errors.


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My sister has a TON of them and was thinking of selling them a few years ago (hers are the 1st and some 2nd series ones.....I think? I know nothing about them) Anyway at that time she found it wasn't worth the fees to list them. Some she stupidly paid a zillion dollars for and they are worth a few bucks now. Don't know what they are selling for now. Any you think might be worth something just search for them on eBay and see if they are selling. Might give you a hint if there is a market still out there. BTW do they still make these?


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You would think that they'd be worth something, but I think that lots of people have woken up and realized that when it comes to "stuff sitting around your room that are just begging to be gotten rid of", beanie babies are tops on the list. I for one have two Clyde the Lobsters to get rid of, but both the regular one and the McDonalds one are going for less than 2.00, and they all have no bids on them. It's not even worth the energy to type out a listing ad for them.


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From what I have seen that craze ended a while back...notice it's been at leat a year since mickey D's had them in their happy meals??? any way I would hold on to them for another 10 years or so. By then all the kids who loved them will have grown up and might want to buy their child hood back.:lol:


i collect stuffies in general - not just Beanie Babies. But damn I loved those... I had a Halo and a Tuffy who were "best friends" and... ohhh man childhood memories...


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i actually have a lot of these i'm looking to get rid of, sadly no one wants them and their values aren't worth putting on ebay....my friend told me i can donate them, once i get the dust off them, to salvation army


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My grandmother still has a bunch of them. I never got into collecting the, but I've heard that the older ones are worth a fair bit these days.