BCS Leagues expanding?


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Is it going to happen? I suspect the ol' money train will drive it as the Big 10 tries to go from 11 to 12 or 14 or whatever.



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It will happen, it is just a matter of when. I honestly think that expansion will happen in the next ten years. The Big Ten and the Pac-10 will expand.


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The Big Ten wants to expand to 16 teams for whatever reason. If it happens I will be sick. I'm seriously ready to give up on sports completely.


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If the Big 12 were to be proactive, it should try and add BYU and Utah. Salt Lake City is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States, and the biggest left untouched by the BCS conferences.

Adding those two would give Texas and Texas A&M more reason, more incentive to stay and wait to cash in when the Big 12 TV contract expires in 2015. And if they leave, the Big 12 still takes a major blow, but at least landed the two best football programs not currently in a BCS conference not named Boise State, which might be a reach in more than just a geographical approach.
I don't really mind the whole expansion talk, at least for the Big Ten. Besides the obvious money issue, they are obviously trying to add another team so they will have a conference championship game, thus making it so they are not irrelevant for the last three or so weeks of the season before bowls start. I'm also all for adding some decent teams, especially if it means the Big Ten can get a bit of a credibility boost.

The Pac-10 talking about expansion kind of reeks of "Hey, don't forget about us guys! We want to expand too! To...uh...SIXTEEN TEAMS! Yeah! How you like that!"

This whole situation definitely kind of sucks for the Big XII, since if things go the way it seems to be heading, the Big XII is going to get picked apart. Though if the Big XII gets really picked apart (like less than six teams left), I can see whoever is left joining with the Mountain West and then the Mountain West becoming a automatic BCS qualifying team with TCU, Utah, and whoever is left from the Big XII if it's really torn apart.


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I certainly hope the Big 12 stays together....If they split apart does this mean there will be no A&M/Texas rivalry game? I've been meaning to go to the next one in College Station, thats a tradition that can't end!
I certainly hope the Big 12 stays together....If they split apart does this mean there will be no A&M/Texas rivalry game? I've been meaning to go to the next one in College Station, thats a tradition that can't end!
Depending on how things play out, the A&M/Texas rivalry may stay. One scenario I keep seeing floated around is that the Pac-10 wants to invite Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Baylor. So if that happens, then A&M/Texas has a good chance of staying as is. However, I've also seen reports that the Big Ten might go after Texas, and if that happens, A&M/Texas would have to be a non-conference game to stay alive, which is still doable depending on how much they want to keep their current rivalries in tact.


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I wouldn't mind expansion, but it seems like people are trying to get rid of the Big 12 all together. I wouldn't mind taking away a small, non-BCS conference and throwing them into the Big 10, Pac-10 etc. to make for a Conference Championship, but I don't want to make a Super Super Conference. We have two Super Conferences in the Big 12 and SEC, we don't need to kill one to make another.
Looking at all the recent news and reports from sources, I came across this quote on the possible future "Pac-16"

The coach said it's possible the Pac-16 would push for two automatic bids to the BCS, one for each division champion. That potential bonanza could open the possibility of the two division champs from one league playing for the national title, and it would eliminate the need for a conference championship game.
That has got to be the stupidest idea I've ever heard. I have no problem with the conference realignments, but if they go ahead and give the Pac-whatever multiple automatic BCS berths, that is just retarded in my opinion.

SOURCE: Source: Pac-10 Conference poised to invite 6 Big 12 Conference teams - ESPN