BBQ Season


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I'm sure it's BBQ season all year round for some members here at GF, but for Canadians that have winters for four to five months, BBQ season usually starts in April depending on the weather of course.

With that being said, I am curious if your a person that enjoys cooking on the BBQ? Do you prefer meat on the BBQ or on your stove?

Personally I love meat that is cooked on the BBQ, I much rather have it on the BBQ then in the stove or in frying pan. It taste ten times better in my opinion.


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Couldn't agree with you more, BR.

We've got an oven that has a grill inside and use it more-so than anything else; the meat / fish / poultry, etc. just tastes better grilled, as do fresh vegetables on a skewer.

With that said, we grill outside when the weather is warm, too, and tend to have alot of get-together's- they're so much fun! Most of the time, my husband will do all the grilling outside when we're entertaining because I'm usually too busy preparing the other dishes that need to be made on the stove, countertops, in the oven, etc.


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BBQ is they way to go!!! Especially here in AZ! We cook outside all the time to keep the temp of the house down. We have a natural gas BBQ with a single burner and gridle. In the past 8 years we've used the stove and oven in the house maybe 5-6 times.


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In Darwin we have BBQ's all the time, and having meat cooked on them is the best, and with beer of course haha.


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We love to BBQ especially since it's getting really hot here now (CT). I love a good steak or fish with some veggies/potatoes...yum


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BBQ season is whenever for us haha...Australia is the heart of BBQ lol...hence the quote "Throw a shrimp in the barbie, mate" LOL!

Anyways, I love a good chicken, sausage, hot dog, and so on.


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I'd love to attend BBQ parties but since most of my friends live in apartment buildings here, we don't have that (it's not allowed in apartments even if you live at the very top and have a veranda rooftop).

The last time I've had BBQ party it's last summer in Chicago at my sis' house. I miss it. i know I have an oven with grill function but it just doesn't taste the same when you grill it on the BBQ.


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I agree with you there, grilled meat tastes way better. In fact, it pretty much spoils me to cooking it other ways, such as pan frying. Luckily the weather here pretty much allows us to cook on the grill all year round. I say us, because I don't own a grill, but my neighbor is always happy to fire hers up.

My favorite thing to make is chipotle chicken/red onion/mushroom shishkabobs. And, it's I can feel good about eating it too, as well as enjoying the taste.