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BBQ Sauce


Registered Member
What sauces, brands, home recipes do people here enjoy?

Arthur Bryant's Hot N Spicy. Another instance where the original is really, really good. But if you want something a little different from the traditional KC sauce with a little more kick, this is it.


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Free Spirit
Staff member
Sweet Baby Rays with Tabasco added.


Registered Member
Recently I purchased a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's Hawaiin barbecue sauce. And I liked it.

But my first choice for me has always been KC Masterpiece.


Creeping On You
Kraft has this flavour of bbq sauce, i can't recall the name but i know it whenever i see it. it sells out fast, and no place ever has it, but sometimes they do. Its amazing. A small dollop completely changes a pot of plain pasta. Turns it from boring poor man food into something I'd serve at a rich man's table. so good.


Problematic Shitlord
I've never been a fan of the ones you can buy in store. I actually could not give you a preferred brand but I love me some sweet BBQ. I think it was Stubb's that had a really awesome honey BBQ but I'd have to taste it again to know.
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