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BBC - The Sex Researchers


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I saw this a little while ago and I forgot to mention it here. It focuses on people like Masters and Johnson and others.

The Sex Researchers (Channel 4)

Here's a clip (warning, contain's nudity): YouTube Video Code - RWYdS5h6Rws

I don't want to link directly to the three-part documentary on eztv.it but it should be easy to find there or elsewhere, I suspect.
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I'm serious
BBC sure knows how to make light out of an otherwise dark topic. I find it fascinating what used to be believed my scientists and doctors alike. We've certainly come a long way in understanding the human body, thankfully.


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I would pay serious money to see the look on physicians faces once they learned what they were actually doing when curing housewives of hysteria. That transition must have been the most awkward transition in human history between doctors and their patients.