Batttle of Gettysburg / July 1-3, 1863


Hell, It's about time!
It has been 147 years since the battle of Gettysburg. I live in Chambersburg, a town about 30 minutes west of Gettysburg and I've always try to make it out to see the re-enactment of the battle, but never have, maybe this year will be the one. I've been to the battlefield a few times, but never for a re-enactment. I've been to smaller ones at other battlefields, and they were pretty neat... but I hear the one in Gettysburg is awe inspiring.

YouTube - Movie Gettysburg
YouTube - Movie Gettysburg

How do you think the battle of Gettysburg changed the direction of the Civil War? Why was it important?

Persoanlly I think it was dumb on the part of the Confederates to march over a mile to reach the Union front line. They simply got slaughtered along the march costing the Confederates their lives and the battle, and subsequently the march onto Washington.

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