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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by MrPancake13, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. MrPancake13

    MrPancake13 You, sir, are an ASSHAT!!

    Anyone play any of the battlefield games? i play 2142 and love it. i love the community options and best of all the dog tag collection. i play in the recon kit (love sniping and knifing).

    what do u like about the games?

  2. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    I play Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142. Love them both. I prefer 2142 though due to the futuristic sights on the guns. :)

    Stealing dogtags is pretty fun in 2142. I just wish it showed you how many you have stolen overtime.
  3. MrPancake13

    MrPancake13 You, sir, are an ASSHAT!!

    if you go to the leaderboards in the BFHQ and click on the DOGTAGS FILTER then it shows you all of the people whose dogtag you have. double click on there name to see a comparison between you and them. it tells you how many total dogtags you have. i have 32 unique and 64 total. i have been playing for 4 days. not bad, eh?
  4. Corona

    Corona Registered Member

    I play 2142, my character name is Corona.

    I've got a shitload of dogtags, and knife badge gold.

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