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Movies Battle Royale


Registered Member
I love this film. Although, I am currently watching its sequel, with the subtitle 'Requiem'.

Why it has 'Requiem' as a subtitle I do not know. And beyond the ridiculous plot, overbearing blood spatters (that occur about every three seconds), and the fact that every character (no matter how minor to the plot) has something to say before they croak, I gotta say. The entire premise, as it was in the first one is pretty engrossing. I don't even know why.

So -- What do you reckon to Battle Royale?

Also, what do you reckon to Far Eastern film-making. And the rather high-concept stuff they do. Often I have found, it is absolutely spellbinding. What do you reckon?


Ms. Malone
I love asian cinema! Battle Royal is amazing but Requiem takes too long to get into and most of them die off too quickly.


I just discovered these films for the first time and am loving them so far! I watched the first one the other day and was completely engrossed in it, although I do think it started off really strong and got a little dull by the end. For example my favourite part of the whole film is when the kids initially wake up on the island and the BR game is explained to them, that is just sheer mayhem and I love seeing the realisation of what they must do dawn on each of them.
I tried watching the second one tonight but couldn't do it all in one sitting. I gave up about halfway through, I'll probably finish it tomorrow. It's not exactly bad, but I'm just finding it harder to get into than the first one, it's just so different. I will finish it though, it's such a mind fuck of a story, and that goes for both of them.