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TV Battle Royale TV show??


Registered Member
So apparently this is old news, but I just stumbled upon an article stating that the CW wants to acquire the rights to novel turned manga turned movie, and turn it into a TV show with a 'Game of Thrones/Hunger Games' feel to it, but I'm not sure how this will work. Having read the manga and seen the movie, I find it highly doubtful that the network would be able to faithfully replicate anything done within the premise of the series and would simply end up butchering it into some sort of 'Hunger Games' clone.



Hmm, maybe if it was HBO I would give it a chance, they tend to make great shows but I'm not sure about the CW. It feels like America have already done a remake of Battle Royale, they just called it Hunger Games instead and took out most of the violence. I think they should leave BR alone.